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Rank you favorite Vixx hairstyles! So I did this a little differently. Instead of ranking them I picked my top hairstyles for each member. I just didn't want to leave anyone out. I would feel bad. :)
N ~The green highlights in Chained Up were beautiful to me ~I don't know why, but the simple look really works on N ~Early Age Cha had it going on just as much as Current Age Cha
Leo ~The long hair restores me with life I swear ~The beautiful liar styling was perfect ~Blonde looks really good on him. It kind of saddens me he never keeps it for longer XD
Ken ~Ken's curly hair is really attractive. They shouldn't straighten it so much ~I have no idea why Ken argued with the stylist for this. He looked beautiful ~There are few people I like with this style, but Ken did it really well
Ravi ~With his skin tone and the blond. Oooooo!!! God dang Ravi!!! ~He really doesn't need any crazy colors. He looks amazing with just black ~Most of there debut looks I'm iffy about, Ravi is the exception
Hongbin ~Uhhhhh this look Uhhhh Yesss.....just yes ~Pink hair and curly. So cute ~Okay so maybe the hair in Chained Up is just one of my favorite in general {It seems to make it into so many of them}
Hyuk ~This looks so attractive. The signs of a bias wrecker right here ~He looks so mature. The cute little debut child has grown ~Hyuk in general pulls off his simple look really well
Least Favorite These are the two looks that just didn't do it for me. ~It just too straight cut in such an odd way. It looks awkward to me ~This might have worked, however his hair type just didn't work for it. It looks frizzy and messy in my opinion