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Valentine's Day Makeup & Hair Ideas

and @nicolejb has an awesome card here--->
Well I decided to make a card as well and I hope you all enjoy it.
These looks plus 19 other looks can be found at They have 22 looks to help you find one that speaks to you.
These two looks from are just the tip of another set of 22 looks you can find. The bold lips and soft feminine eyes really grabbed my attention.
for beginners this site--> has 12 looks perfect for anyone put very pretty and simple to follow.
find some more awesome looks at
You can find more hairstyle tutorials on
Can be found at
This one is actually pretty simple. Curl your hair first. Then tease a section of your hair at the crown of your head. Then take the sides and twist and pin them back using bobby pins.
Well I hope you enjoy. Tagging a few who I think would appreciate this card.
tag others you think would enjoy.
I suck with a brush.. I get frustrated and just keep my hair.. I wish I had more patience
thanks for tagging me in this!!! I love these looks so much :)
@nicolejb I wish I could have long hair to do this. But instead I'll practice on all my friends
Woah!! I've never seen that kind of heart harry before! I wish my hair was longer, I would totally attempt that!
Now I just need a valentine 💔
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Save Your Hair From Color Damage
I was looking through pictures of girl groups hairstyles within a year their hair could change up to 4-5 times. Regular people like myself will probably get their hair done 1-2 times a year. I guess one reason to explain the short lifespan of their hairstyles is kpop fans expect the idols to look different for new comeback and concept. So, before dropping any announcement, Hairstyle is usually one of the biggest hint for comebacks. Truth is their hair must be extremely damage from the excessive use of chemical and heat styling. However, they are celebrities and they must have hair professionals to maintain the health of their hair. Otherwise, we'll be staring at limpy hair, and split ends on stage. Celebrity Hair Secrets: 1. Protein mask. This is normally used to strengthen the hair before styling. 2. Hair serum and oil. A dollop of this will quickly give your hair shine and moisture. 3. Supplements. No matter how many products you use you need to get enough nutrients to maintain over health and beauty. For those of you who color your hair or use heat styling tool often these are the products that can help keep your hair healthy. Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Best for dry and damaged hair. Coconut oil is packed with moisturizing benefits. if your strands are extremely dry you can leave this on overnight then wash your hair in the morning to get glossy, healthy hair. Nexus Emergencee Reconstructing Treatment. The texture for this hair pack is really unique. It is gel-like but if you apply it before your hair washing routine you'll end up with super soft hair. Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3. Olaplex is the best hair treatment for pre and post hair coloring. Professional colorist will use it in the coloring process. Sometime coloring the hair might take 1-2 days so a take home treatment will be offered to rebuild broken hair. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil You can honestly use any hair oil but this is one my favorite. It battles frizz and soften the ends of hair without weighing it down.