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So I know some of us may be spending valentines day to ourselves and in our own pity of how we don't have a Valentine or significant other or someone else that we can celebrate the holiday with. like myself I have plenty of choices I'd spend valentines day with , but it is very complicated as to why I cant. And if you can read between the lines , it's more of a "when we're together ,we're together when we're not together we're not together , YEAH, get my drift, No commitment , no ties but we're just really close friends, we do share intimate moments, we share a lot of affection and we get along just fine with laughs and jokes and giggles and able to just chill out, sip wine and maybe light something in the air and just enjoy one anothers company but I'm not sure that's going to happen on the day it should happen. So that brings me to the topic for those spending the valentines day alone, what are some things you plan on doing and are you going to do something for yourself , or just to show the appreciation for the love that you give yourself. So that brings me to the topic for those spending V-day alone, "What are some things you plan on doing and are going to do, by treating yourself with appreciation for the love that you give yourself"?!?? When no one else is able to share this day with you?" Below I've conjored up some DIY ideas and treats to give yourself a bomb V-day to yourself! And at the end, get into the conversation by commenting below! Let's get started... 1). Aroma therapy in your own home. Aroma therapy can ease tension, relax the senses and allow unintentional meditation. Start by hitting the shops, I peferablly say a Yankee candle shop, but its expensive but worth it, look for sense of lavender, orchards, vanilla or sandalwood, they may even have a candle base on moonlight or zen. Now if your on a tighter budget, home essential brand at WalMart has a variety of scented candled, oil or wax warmers and linen sprays to accompany just about any mood that you're in, and I'm definitely sure that it will have your home or your bedroom door room or whatever room that you're in field with the favorites so that you can actually sit back and take in the scent and enjoy the sense.Some of my favorites its would have to be sweet pea, Tahitian treat, frosted cranberries, tropical Fiesta, and they have cashmere wood and sandalwood and then plus the lavender sense that usually calms your surrounding. these home essential candles usually run for a $1 for a single wick all the way to $3 for a three wick long lasting candle.
After giving those candles, I must introduce you to my best and its saved for last. I'm sure you all are aware of the Febreze brand products and Febreeze actually has a line of products made for relaxation and sleeping. it comes in a dark starry night case and is usually a limited edition but I'm pretty sure it might still be on the shelves if not you can always buy the Febreze unstoppable candles that comes in game figurative dragon fruit and others that will have your whole home smelling from burning that one candle and I absolutely love it and the best part is it's only $5 for a 32 hour burning candle. Also Glade products has a household line of fragrances that are prone to calm your mood or Xhilaration me and one of my favorite since they have in candles and also for oil burners and free plugins is called cashmere woods when you smell this it automatically takes you back to a convenient perfume shop let's lace with musk and sandalwood and just downright wonderfulness. I love the stuff if you can't tell.
2). Soak soak soak soak all those tense muscles and aches in a nice warm and hot bath with Epsom salt rubbing alcohol in Vaseline and Calgon , which makes a wonderful bath soak put all these three and your bath water and you will have a luxurious bath right in your own home and I'm telling you by the time you start your soaking process within 10 minutes you might be snoring just make sure you don't go under water because you'll be that relax. Also before your soaking, if you have a hand towel nearby I would like you to run water over it preferably hot make sure is drenched and saturated ,ring it out just a little and place in your microwave for about 2 minutes when the timer goes off you'll have a sauna wrap thatll be perfect for your neck and shoulder areas you want to place this on your shoulders prior to getting in your bath and if you want an extra kick rub some ice or muscle cream on your neck and your shoulder areas before applying the hot towel then proceed to your bath and this is where your absolute relaxation really starts.
3). Make yourself a awesome cup of tea, its a brand of tea by the Biglow Herbal company, they have a tea called "Sleepy Time tea, in two different flavors, than its the same sleepy time tea that comes in extra strength, after you've enjoyed that bath, get to steaping two bags in a 8 oz mug. Add boiling water, and rest while stirring the concoction. Than add your honey for non sugar users, lemon slice, one clove... and fall it love.. 4). Finally, get cozy in what ever makes you comfortable, and sit down in your bed or on the couch turn on the TV find a good movie whether the action drama comedy romance suspense thriller I personally love a good suspense thriller movie. And you'll have your cup of tea to sip and your body will be calm and relaxed practically melting in your bed or the sofa. don't forget your blankets or snuggle or quilt pillows anything and if you feel a little need to snap pop a bag of popcorn open up some chips maybe even eat some fruit or veggies whatever you like as long as you're comfortable and you're spending time to yourself and treating yourself well on this Valentine's Day . I hope you enjoy this is card/feed. and made and I know I'm going to do it too myself , so if that certain someone doesn't want to spend time with me I would have been okay with being to myself and wish myself is very happy Valentine's Day! As I hope you do too. "Peace, love & pleasure" -@MsCocoaSupreme XO.
I am always alone, aromatherapy sounds cool
nobody has to be alone.. you have a friends, family expecially your parent right? your Valentine day is not just for couple right? 😊✌
Do it @ChloeMesa11 You will love it!
You sound like an amazing daughter! I bet your mom will enjoy that a LOT @mscocoasupreme
I rather spend it playing games or watching anime movies but this year it's deadpool for me my friends! c:
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