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Feeling kinds of angsty at the moment. Forgive me. Request a part two in the comments.
"Why are you like this?" I asked, exasperated. I ran a hand through my hair. I sighed to myself. In a couple days, my boyfriend, Jaebum will be leaving to go on a tour with his group Got7. Since he is an idol, I understood he needed to practice and sometimes, relax. But, everytime I try to talk to him, he gets angry and annoyed. I don't know what I have done wrong and frankly, I'm not going to be treated disrespectfully. "What are you talking about now?" He rolled his eyes. "This! Us! Why are you like this? Have I done something wrong? Is any of this my fault? I haven't done anything to be treated this way. And I'm not going to stand for it......." I place hands on my hips. "I have no idea what you are talking about. Why won't you just leave me alone? You're so damn annoying." He cuts me off. I lift an eyebrow. "I'm annoying. Okay....I'm annoying." I say, walking to the room we share...or should I say, shared? He comes in too late and is too tired to make it past the couch. "Wait, (Y/N)." I hear his voice behind me. I ignore him as best as I could and continue to pack the duffel bag I got from the closet. I throw my clothes in there. I make my way around the room. He finally makes it into the room, seeing what I was doing. "What are you doing?" He asks, a hitch in his voice present. "I'm leaving. Like I said before, I'm not going to be treated like this. I didn't do anything wrong. I have been nothing but supportive of you. I have helped you through all of this and yet you treated me like nothing." I start to walk past him to go to the bathroom; he grabs my wrist to stop me. I try to jerk out of his touch but he's too strong. "Please don't. I'm so sorry. I don't know what has been wrong with me. I guess I'm just scared." He confesses. "Scared of what?" I can't bring myself to look at him. "Scared of us....we were moving so fast. Our relationship. I love you too much....way too much for our own good." He said. I chuckled, not believing what I was hearing. " were scared that you'd get too attached and want to have a future with me?" I ball my fist. "No!....well....I-it's...not....." He tried to find the words. I scoffed and pulled away from him, pulling my suitcase with me. "Wait! (Y/N)?!?" He called after me. But I was already at the door. "Please don't leave. I need you! Please!" He pleaded. It took everything in me not to crumble and give in right there. I loved him so much but....he hurt me when he said those things. I have lived my whole life being told I was annoying, I should just be quiet. I was used to people ignoring me. But when I met him....he made me feel special. Like I wasn't a burden....but . . . I just don't know anymore. "Please...just dont leave me forever. Please." He begged. "" I sighed. "I need some time. Please. Just give me some time." I looked back to see him with his head hung as he nodded. With that, I walked out the door......and closed it silently behind me.
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tag me if you do part 2!
Thank you! ❤️
@ILikeHisFace123 Aww you are the best, love! Thanks! 💕
is there a part 2 ;-;