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I hope you all have enjoyed the series!! I'm not sure what group I'm doing next....maybe BIGBANG??
Jungkook frowned as he looked outside of the window, waiting for you to come back from the bathroom. You were playing cards with him at the boys’ dorm, and you were really frustrating him:
You weren’t taking any of his hints.
He’d made at least two different passes at you since you got to the dorm. He knew that he was awkward around girls, but he’d thought that he’d done well with you. He was clearly wrong, and the thought was irking him.
He heard you come down the hallway and snapped his attention back to you.
“Sorry about the wait,” you smiled. He was sitting on the couch, and you sat on the armrest next to him. His heart pounded a little, and glanced off in different directions.
“Can we get some food?” you asked, swinging your legs.
“Y-yeah...” he answered nervously. The two of you stood, kitchen bound, but you crashed into him on accident.
“Oh my- Sorry!” you laughed, backing away from him. Instinctually, Jungkook grabbed your arms. He stared into your eyes intently. He built up his courage, prepared himself, and—
“Kookie you’re acting weird,” you giggled, pulling yourself away. You turned towards the kitchen, and he just stared after you, dumbstruck. His mouth hung open in utter confusion. He followed you anyway, and you were completely oblivious to what was happening.
“Do you have any of Jin’s leftovers? Those sound amazing right now!” you said in a singsong voice as you dug through their fridge.
“Yeah, somewhere,” he answered blankly. He crossed his arms as he thought of what he should do. “Making passes” was, evidently, not enough. You were already putting food on both of your plates before Jungkook came back to his senses. He had to tell you flat out how he felt; that seemed to be the only way.
“Y/N I like you!” the maknae blurted out. He froze as he realized what happened; he wasn’t prepared for your reaction yet.
You cocked your head to the side, plates in hand. “I like you, too.” Jungkook wasn’t sure how to react to this. “I like you and all of the other members; you’re my best friends!”
No. Way.
You breezed past him, eager to start the anime he’d picked out for you to watch together. He was frozen in place, stiff as a board. There’s no way you could be that dense. He turned his head slowly, but your expression hadn’t changed at all. You really didn’t get it.
He grew very frustrated. What is with her?! He almost stomped into the living room; his mind was totally blown by your denseness. How could a person's head be this thick? You handed him his plate, making a comment that he didn’t really hear. He took bites that he couldn’t taste, and he couldn’t comprehend what was happening on the screen.
“Are you feeling okay?” you asked, leaning in close to him. He frowned again as his face heated up from the sudden closeness.
“I’m fine!” he snapped unintentionally. Your eyes widened in surprise and hurt, and you righted yourself in your seat.
Blew it, he sighed in his head, disappointed in himself.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured. He fiddled with his hands nervously. “I’m just a little frustrated, is all.”
“It’s okay,” you said quietly. He grew more determined as you sat silently next to him. He grabbed your hand, angling himself towards you.
“I like you,” he tried again.
“I know? I like you, too, remember?” You weren’t understanding.
“No, I mean... I like like you,” he said almost pleadingly. His face was heated, and it only got worse as his embarrassment increased.
“I don’t get it,” you answered earnestly.
“I like you!” He felt like his face was going to explode, and he was getting angrier.
“I know! Are you sure you’re okay?”
He gritted his teeth in an almost fury.
“How many times do I have to say it?!” He gripped the back of your head, clenched his fingers in your hair, and pulled your face against his. He kissed you roughly, and you let out a quick noise of surprise before melting into him. The movement of his lips became gentler. He pulled away from you, convinced that he had your attention now. He was right; you stared at him with doe-like eyes.
“Y/N do you understand now?”
You nodded in awe. “I- I like you too,” you said, looking down with a blush. He tilted your chin up with a gentle hand so you were looking at him again.
“Say it again,” he commanded softly.
“I like you..”
He kissed your cheek gently, and you grinned in return.
“I like you.”
He kissed your forehead this time.
You giggled a little bit. “I like you.”
He kissed your lips once more, and you could feel him smiling with you.


It started with your lips pressed against his neck as you pushed him against the door to you apartment and clumsily locked it. Your tongue began to explore the sensitive skin of his neck in slow circles as your hand quickly found its way to the waist band of his shorts. Both of you were impatient and worked up enough, but you couldn’t pass up the chance to tease him a little bit.
You gently sunk your teeth down on his neck in a playful bite and made your way past his shorts to feel his hardness press against your fingers. Moving your lips up to his ear as you firmly took his member into your hand, you sensually whispered to him, “Tell me what you want, Kookie.”
His lustful stare met your own. He bit his bottom lip to hold in a whine as his eyes begged you to just keep going, but it wasn’t enough.
“Tell me.” Your hand, that was once gentle, tightened around his member. You were determined and refused to do anything else until you heard him say exactly what he wanted you to do.
Honestly, it was a major turn on to hear such dirty little words coming from his innocent lips. Moaning your name and breaking away from the hold you had on his eyes in embarrassment, he finally gave in.
“Please, Y/N.”
“Please what?”
“Blow me.”
You flashed a smile at him victoriously as you stripped yourself of your shirt before getting down on your knees to give him his reward for being such a good boy.
Positioning yourself in front of him, you eagerly tore off his shorts and boxers, watching his bare erection stand at attention.
Once again, you took his shaft into your hand, but, this time, gave it a few much needed pumps. A moan shamelessly escaped him, which just encouraged you to run your tongue over the his head that was already leaking pre-come as your hand continued to work him.
“Shit...just get on with it already!”
You loved seeing Jungkook like this, sweat running down naked skin and curses spilling out from swollen lips as he became desperate for you. A smirk painted itself across your face as you looked up to see his face contort in pleasure as you finally wrapped your pretty little lips around his throbbing head, giving him what he had asked for.
The thrill that rushed through you when his fingers sloppily fumbled through your hair to find a tight hold as he forced himself further down your throat was overwhelming. Relaxing, you were able to take in more of him. His moans filled the empty room as you pressed and massaged your tongue against the underside of his member.
Surprisingly, you were almost always the one who initiated these kind of things. You loved getting Jungkook all riled up and seeing and hearing just how much he needed you. Driving him crazy and bringing him to the edge of no return was one of your favorite hobbies. He would never admit it, but he loved it when you teased him and took control of him too. You always knew exactly what to do to have him begging you not to stop.
Without breaking eye contact with him you began to rock your head back and forth at a faster pace letting him feel your hot, wet throat surround as much of him as you could manage without choking. Your hand took care of the rest of his member, using it to pump him in rhythm with your mouth. His hips followed your motions as he thrusted into your mouth as gently as he could, slowly loosing himself in the pleasure he was receiving from you.
You were confused when you felt his hand that was buried in your hair forcefully pull you away, but it all made sense when you looked up at him. He was breathing heavily and you could tell that he was getting close. He was ready for something else.
As soon as you got up from your knees, Jungkook wrapped his arms around your naked waist and crashed his lips against yours. You could feel his erection press into your stomach as he began to guide you in the direction of your bedroom. The two of you stumbled over each other with lips still locked together as you some how managed to make it into the room and fell on your bed.
Jungkook hovered over you and pulled off his own shirt leaving him completely naked before he brought his lips to yours once again. He deepened the kiss by running his tongue along your bottom lip and roughly pulling it with his teeth. You parted your lips in response and let him gain access your mouth. Tongues fought for dominance as his hand made its way down to your chest and gave your breast a tight squeeze through your bra causing you to let out a moan muffled by his lips.
Displeased by the amount of clothing you still had on, Jungkook took it upon himself to take it off piece by piece. He started with your bra, finding the clasp and impatiently tugging at it to grant him easier access to your breasts. Once your bra was completely off and probably lying on the floor somewhere, he began to toy with your nipples.
Pinching one with his fingers and rolling his tongue over the other, his unoccupied hand wandered down to your shorts.You could feel him struggling to free you from them, so you pushed him away to stand up and take them off yourself.
Looking back at Jungkook, who was waiting patiently on your bed, you bent over with your butt in the air to pull your shorts and panties slowly down your legs, giving him a wonderful view that he very gratefully took in.
You heard Jungkook making his way off of the bed before you felt his hands on your hips and his lips latching onto your shoulder from behind you. He sucked on your skin and you knew that the hickey he was working on would be to cover up tomorrow, but, right now, you didn’t care one bit.
Pulling you closer, you were pressed against him as his hand traveled down to your wet lips. You began to grind your butt against his erection as he slowly circled around your swollen clit. He dropped his finger down and ran it along your slit to feel just how wet you were for him. Breaking from your shoulder, his lips made their way up to your ear, gently nibbling on it.
“You’re already this wet? I haven’t even started yet.”
“Shut up.” He pressed his smirking lips against your neck obviously pleased with himself and the effect he had on your body.
You felt one of his fingers poke at your entrance before fully entering you. If you weren’t a moaning mess already, you were now. Jungkook put in another finger to add to the amount of pleasure that you were receiving and to prepare you for his member. He was thrusting his fingers in and out at a fast pace, curling them inside you and pressing them against your soaked walls.
“Fuck.” It felt good.
Before you got too cared away, you stopped Jungkook’s hand. Spinning around to see him lick the fingers that were previously inside you clean, you pushed him on to the bed and straddled his hips. You positioned yourself over him, bending down for one last sweet and reassuring kiss before slowly sinking yourself down on his member.
With your hands firm on his chest to keep you stable, you lifted your hips up just enough to bring them down hard. Your pace was slow, but it was just enough to get the two of you breathing heavily and moaning. It was perfect. The feeling of your tightness surrounding him and the feeling of his hardness inside of you was driving you two crazy.
Jungkook always thought that you looked so fucking hot on top of him like this. He loved the way that your hair messily hung down in your face. He loved watching your breasts bounce up and down as you rode him. He loved how you threw your head back in a drawn out scream of his name when it was becoming too much for you. He loved everything about these precious moments that only you two shared with each other.
Not wanting you to do all the work, he began to thrust into you as you dropped down, forcing his member all the way inside of you. As his pace got faster so did your’s.
Focused on making you come with him, he brought one of his hands down to and began flicking you clit. You tightened your walls around his member in response, knowing that you were quickly approaching your orgasm. Jungkook groaned feeling the pressure growing around him as he buried himself deep inside of you.
“Shit, I’m close Y/N.”
“Me too. Don’t stop.”
He didn’t stop. His fingers continued to play with your clit as he quickened his thrusts to match with yours and in a few minutes you were loosing yourself on him. The pulsing of your walls as you came around his member brought him to his own release. You collapsed on top of him as the two of you fought to catch your own breaths.
After a while of laying on top of him with his arms wrapped lovingly around you, you got up to clean yourself off. Returning to bed, you fell back into Jungkook’s embrace.
You snuggled into his chest and listened to the sound of his steady heart beat.
Looking up at him, you saw that his eyes were closed and that he was peacefully drifting off to sleep. You smiled to yourself thinking about how lucky you were to get to see him like this.
Running your fingers through his silky black hair, you leaned over to kiss his forehead and heard him murmur something under his breath that never ceased to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever he said it.
“I love you Y/N.”
“I love you too, Jungkook.”

That's all folks lol. I hope you guys enjoyed ^.^

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*In Jimins voice* JEON JUNGKOOK!!!
Ooo I'm blushing so hard.. The Golden Mankae... Sheesh.. So young.. So naughty.. *looks away* stay in ur Lane jungkook I'm too old for you.. 😐😐😐😐😐😂😂😂😂😂
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