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The lovely @LizArnone initiated an awesome challenge that got me inspired. I've spent many days (especially right now) thinking about the days when I used to live in Germany.
Though many people have heard of October fest, a lot of people in the US haven't heard of the other fests that Germany partakes in (I promise, the fest are like YEAR ROUND). Right now in Germany there are fest called Fasching!


Fasching (or Karneval as it's sometimes called) is a pre-Lent celebration. Essentially it's like a German Mardi Gras. But way cooler. It's celebrated the week (sometimes even a week before that) before Ash Wednesday. Giant parades take place in city centers, characters dressed in elaborate (and scary!) masks parade the city blasting music and throwing candy, and freaking everyone out (yes, they even get all up in your face). There's also music and dancing and beer (like any German celebration).
It's weird and fun and totally a German thing.
Enjoy your Fat Tuesday everyone! I'll be celebrating Fasching ;)
Here's the Challenge (in her words!)
Write a card describing the one place your wanderlust is itching for! It can be a country, a city, and island, it can even be Middle Earth (I hear hobbit homes are quite lovely). Time traveling can totally be apart of this challenge if you're really feeling thirsty for a speak easy in the roaring twenties! Add some amazing pictures and we can all blow our adventuring minds from the comfort of each others great dreams of adventure!
Are you all up for the challenge?
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@ebonyheart ohhh cool!! They do that in Italy too, but I must admit I LOVE it.
2 years ago·Reply
one chased me when I was lil . lol
2 years ago·Reply
ahahahaha did you live in germany? @ebonyheart
2 years ago·Reply
oh this happened in Mexico or Spain. I was born in Germany ... I'm an Army Brat
2 years ago·Reply
Woah, this is so weird!! haha I'm an army brat too @ebonyheart I was born in Frankfurt, Germany!
2 years ago·Reply