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You wake up from a nightmare then you look at the clock it 11:30 am. You try to get up but you feel arms snake around your waist pulling you back into bed. "Y\N...why are you awake...come back." Rap monster said with a sleeply voice. You smile and wrap your arms around his neck but you couldn't reach because you a bit shorter than rap monster. "Can you reach my neck Y\N?" and then laughing after that. Rap monster would always tease you you about your height but that is an other reason why he loves you. You guys got hungry and went to make some breakfast you were trying to get some oatmeal but it was on the top shelf rap monster saw this and help you get the box "shorty." then he ran off before you could do anything. After breakfast you guys start hangout on the couch watching tv then rap monster out of no where starts ticking you laughing so hard you fall on your back pulling rap monster with you now you have your face on rap monster's chest you face probably red but rap monster hugs you "i love you shorty." then kiss the tip of your nose.~ Hi guys sorry for not updating you know school is getting in the way also i feel like my oneshot is getting boring >.< anyways I'm almost done with bts who should my oneshots be about next. our little ball of sunshine is next j hope ^.^ also tell me if you want to be tag in the next card. love you guys ^.< Other oneshots: Suga oneshot V oneshot Jin oneshot Jimin oneshot @tayunnie @JinsPrincess86 @Jaeahyehx @thepinkprincess @AmandaHume @EverieMisfit @Mikim000 @MadAndrea @TravisCarle @AlyMaldonado @Inaswinney @VixenViVi @EXOasf @EmilyGarder @Roxy1903 @Sarahdarwish @ChelseaJay @Faelidora @LizaNightShade @Lexxcisco @Deenice @Meeshell @CelesteyC @ARMYstarlight @Minimonkey07 @Externallgeli @Marisamusic @Aristas @exokpop12385 @Xionheart @Bubblebella @kpopfanboy @Laurenstrayhorn @AndreaHamilton @LilmcGriddle18 @AlmaRangle @CreeTheOtaku @Jennelleorozco @Kpopfangirl15 @Tigerlily84 @Lextay327 @solodaywithB1A4 @Princess2328 @CarolPantoja @luna1171 @AimeeH @Sherrysabar @CrystalGuerra @AristaJ @Ciabri22 @JuanitaBooRiv @KyKy97 @RuthRodriguez98 @Otakupopfan @SierraBecerra @ninjamidori @yaya12 @shelbiisonfire @princessunicorn
@Sailynn @EverieMisfit I see you guys like it. πŸ˜‚ Thank you for reading my oneshot though. πŸ’–
Love this too much
i relate to this on a spiritual level...
This was cute!
awwee :3 ❀❀