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Days of Marvel! #2-5

I'M SO SORRY. I GOT THIS HUION DRAWING TABLET AND HAVE BEEN NONE STOP DRAWING AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS. Day #2 The fight that I still want to see would be Deadpool Vs Wolverine and Storm Vs Miss Marvel. Day #3 The movie Civil War. I don't know why they didn't go as the comics but I expected better. Day #4 I don't really know... Day #5 Either Tony or Spiderman
awesome job doing 4 in 1
Aw man I hope you show us some of your drawings!!! Also Deadpool vs. Wolverine would get messy super quick, I pity the fool that has to clean it up
@LAVONYORK Idk why it wont let me tag people so yeah please tag everyone
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