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So I posted before with edits of idol with tattoos, and let me say there are a lot, I wish would get tattoos...a lot of them...idk what it is but idols with tattoos are just hot to me!
Oh my...
This is really too sexy!
Please, for the my soul! Let one of the Exo boys get a sleeve! Please I need it like air! Credit goes to the persons that made these! Cause holy cow! Love them!
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seriously killing me @luna1171
2 years agoReply
I feel like I fell in love with bad boys but they're all gum drop princess
2 years agoReply
Freaking EXO and BTS killed me. Now we need som BIGBANG! 馃槏馃槅
2 years agoReply
wow love this card can you please tagg me 馃槈馃槃from now on 馃挄馃憤
2 years agoReply