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Hello all and wecome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! Thank you for enjoying it as much as you do!! Just a little warning, though. There may be feels coming in this one.
JJ and Raven could hear Charles's crying the moment they opened the door of the mansion. "Oh my, what could have happened?" she asked, not laying blame on anyone. They all knew anything was possible in this house. He and she walked slowly into Charles's room, kneeling down to him. JJ gave him a concerned look, his blue eyes and expression unintentionally mirroring his mother's. "Tell us what happened, Charles. Maybe we can help." he suggested with a soft smile, putting a reassuring hand on the other's shoulder.
Charles glared at the air, clutching the teddy bear tight. "Its all my fault she left. She agreed to marry me, then when she told me that she is pregnant, I held it together until she left, then I panicked. When she came back, I was drunk and no filter on my emotions. I yelled at her, and she just... disappeared. She evaporated into the air like I'd been dreaming the whole thing. The bracelet on my wrist and the ring in my hand says different though. It's all my fault." He muttered softly, still glaring at the air as if doing so would bring the love of his life back. JJ squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "I'll go talk to her, Charles. Will you stay with him, Raven?" His words were soft ad he dpoke, hibing his fiancee a kiss after seeing her nod her head. They both helped him into bed, and Raven sat with him. JJ kissed her again before he too disappeared like air. "He'll fix this, Charles. There's no one in the world that knows her better." she promised, stroking the hair from his face like a mother might a sick child.
Crying can be heard all throughout the castle, but JJ knows just where his mother is hiding. He quickly strips, throwing his suit on before he walks into the pool. "So, You wanna tell me about it? There's no room for anymore broken hearts in this family." He told her flatly, diving into the pool after setting his towel down on a nearby bistro set. He quickly swam over to her, hugging her close. The tears started again, and her stroked her hair softly. "Shh, Shh, Mommy it will be alright. He loves you. He wants you. He's been twaring himself up because you left." JJ soothed softly, noting the jazz album she had playing through the speakers in the ceiling. It was his father's favorite album. She always listened to this when she was saddest. He gently nudged her out of the pool, drying them both off with a echoed snap of his fingers. JJ kissed her cheek. "Come on mommy. Lets get you cleaned up and we'll go get your fiancee back." he offered softly, already leading her back to her bedroom. Krystal nodded smiling meekly. He was just like his father in that he always knew just what to say.
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