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I love coffee. Can't get enough of the stuff. Personally, I think it should be state law that anyone who enters the workplace before 8am should be provided with a free cup of java from their job.. but that's just me.
I know I'm not alone on my passion for coffee. People from all walks of life appreciate the taste of the well brewed elixir of life.
A young man named Matt Walliser felt so strongly about coffee that he left his cushy internship with NASA to dedicate his time to brewing the best cup of coffee known to man.
Thanks to his new invention called the "Blossom Brewer" he may have achieved his goal.
Walliser created a high end, precision coffee machine and brewing company called Blossom Coffee. The new machine uses the technology of PID controllers to control the average temperature of water to within one degree so that the brewer consistently produces the same coffee.
Walliser knew that the same type of coffee bean tastes different when it’s brewed at different temperatures, and that the majority of coffee machines only control temperature within five to 10 degrees. So basically, his machine controls the temperature to secure the best cup of coffee each time out.
It's brilliant, and expensive. The first design went for 11k. His newer version went for around half that price. He hopes to cut costs so that people can have one in their homes with ease soon.
For those who spend bank on a perfect cup of coffee each day, this may be worth the investment. You may end up saving thousands in the long run.
I love coffee. This machine would be awesome to have... at a much lower price, though. Regular coffee makers can easily burn coffee, making it have a bitter and unpleasant taste. Regardless, I hardly ever turn down a cup... As long as there is enough flavored creamer to hide those unpleasant tastes.
I'm not sure this elevates coffee past tea yet. :P I'll hold on to my money for now. *runs away*