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Why show you a cocktail when I can share this crazy green eye?!
I discovered a citrus-y cocktail that I think you're going to LUV! Just try it. And if you don't like it then you can send me a nastygram telling me you hated it. But if you're like me, and love all kinds of cocktails, get ready to lose your mind with this one, which comes from Andrew Volk, Portland Hunt & Alpine, Portland, Maine (via Imbibe Magazine).

Green Eyes

1½ oz. gin
¾ oz. fresh lime juice
¾ oz. green Chartreuse
½ oz. rich simple syrup
½ oz. fresh egg white (pasteurized if you prefer)
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: rocks
Garnish: cherry and slice of lime
Dry-shake all ingredients without ice to combine, then add ice and shake again until chilled and foamy. Double-strain into a chilled glass with fresh ice; garnish.