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Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti tries to find new ways to connect with the people everyday.
One of the annoying issues in L.A. is the traffic situation, which is HORRIBLE. The log jams are horrible and endless. It's literally hell on earth driving out there.
The mayor knows this really gets under the skin of the people, and in an effort to soothe their pain he created an r&b jam to get them through the day.
Backed by the local Theodore Roosevelt High School Jazz Band, Mr Garcetti sings: "See we're bringing down the 6th Street Bridge, making way for something new and the demolition will cause delays.
"But sometimes, just sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty to build something beautiful.
"So on Friday night the 101 Freeway east of downtown will take a break for 40 hours of R&R ... and R&B."
The music was an original score written and performed by the band, according to the LA Times.
Was it odd? Yes. But hey, you have to give the guy an "A" for effort right?
I'm so over these LA politicians. but you're right, @ButterflyBlu, LA isn't going to vote in someone who isn't easy in the eyes
And we have two more years of this, right, @marshalledgar? It'll never end. Garcetti, though!! Easy on the eyes and he never ceases to surprise me! Lol :D
we've been through carmaggedon twice before when the 405 was shut down. this will be no different
I'm over it, too, @marshalledgar!! But at least we have that going for us!! lol. Gotta have SOMETHING in the politics department, right?!! Meh.