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Stole the adorable picture lol Sooo, @Jazziejazz initiated this challenge and the title outlines the parameters really well lol and I was tagged by @alywoah and she DID suggest/instruct to create your own card. (Which basically means to do so lol ;p) Sooo, I hope you guys don't put,"I follow instructions." as one of your statements. It would ruin the fun lol =p I suck at lying, but thankfully nobody on here knows me well enough to notice it, hopefully lol I didn't know what to do, so I apologize for these lmfao I couldn't come up with anything else! ;D /.\
I'm a holiday virgin. *tear*
I don't want a kid/kids. Ever. *shudders*
I "intentionally" start fights in relationships. (cuz, fook you lol)
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@Arellano1052 it's perfectly fine! It is very true that we share so much more with strangers online than our own close friends. We feel a connection through fandoms and other interests than just growing up together or going to school together. You can be yourself if no one knows you
@MichelleHolly And why do you have children in your life? Family? or volunteer work/work? And yeah, finding a worthy, viable partner is a pretty big part hahaha 😂
Coffee will be your friend. Actually, you're more of a health nut than I am. B12 will be your friend.
@danidee I'm not a health nut at all! Very big confidence booster that you'd say that, though lmfao I just take full advantage of my youth and a really good multivitamin, along with the fact that I drink nothing but water and snack all day long lol
That's, like, a billion times healthier than me already.