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Stole the adorable picture lol Sooo, @Jazziejazz initiated this challenge and the title outlines the parameters really well lol and I was tagged by @alywoah and she DID suggest/instruct to create your own card. (Which basically means to do so lol ;p) Sooo, I hope you guys don't put,"I follow instructions." as one of your statements. It would ruin the fun lol =p I suck at lying, but thankfully nobody on here knows me well enough to notice it, hopefully lol I didn't know what to do, so I apologize for these lmfao I couldn't come up with anything else! ;D /.\
I'm a holiday virgin. *tear*
I don't want a kid/kids. Ever. *shudders*
I "intentionally" start fights in relationships. (cuz, fook you lol)
@alywoah @shannonl5 I DO want kids lol Two girls. ^.^ I love the idea of two little princesses. Gonna spoil the hell out of them! ;D I think fighting in a relationship is really important. Sometimes you've got to get them mad and let her suddenly win or fight it out. A lot of shit you know they, or you, want to say but wouldn't otherwise express will come out then lol A few hours of anger and woe is worth into each others mind. Plus, there's the .00000000000000001% chance that she'll apologize. Which makes everything since the beginning worth it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ XD The people I like, and the way I am, leaves a lot of room for competitiveness and friction. I like people who speak their mind and defend their opinions because they actually have a reason to believe what they do. Plus, major smartass here lol Sarcasm is very attractive and I'm quite practiced at it. And we all have our quirks, you know? There are things that your S. O. does that annoys you, things that you hold in your back pocket until there's a disagreement. I like to get that stuff out of the way so we can vent and stuff. haha I hope that makes sense and is understandable XD
@MichelleHolly First off, I must apologize for not responding to you (and the bruh @danidee). I told myself to go back, but then stuff happened and I completely forgot about this. Secondly, Gah, you're too sweet. /.\ I don't believe I am deserving of the praise that you have given me. (.-. ) But hey, we all see ourselves in a harsher light, so thank you ^.^ =) Lastly, another one of my friends became a father and a few days ago, I attended my friends daughters second birthday party. The place was crawling with kids and for some reason, kids love me. This little girl came up to me, grabbed my hand, and tried to drag me outside while yelling at me to come play with her outside haha I had a serious pang of longing. I can't wait until I'm 32 and have everything set up so I can focus on preparing and having a child or two. It is going to be so exciting!! 😍😍
@ButterflyBlu hahaha I guess it was too easy XD the only things I could come up with were sexual. Like, I don't care about sharing details of my past sexual experiences and knowledge and likes, but I don't think the general population of Vingle would like to know, nor do I think it would be the proper way to tell my Vingle friends about that stuff hahaha
Duuuude. I know you WAY too well. I was like, "pssssssh, we've talked about this, this, this...." Lol. πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ lmao "She gotta throw away her 80 slide PowerPoint presentation." Omg I know Soooo many little girls like this!!! >.< Smdh
@Arellano1052 hmmm Im sorry I missed the guessing part. I hear where you coming from but their has to be a balance and after a while the girl gets to know you and will laugh it off and realize you just picking at her.
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