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1.)Nash & Luna Dragneel Children of Natsu and Lucy❤

2.)Storm and the Twins Run & Sylvia Fullbuster Children of Gray and Juvia❤

3.)Reiki & Rosemary Fernandez Children of Jellal and Erza❤

4.)Gale Redfox Son of Gajeel and Levy❤

5.)Nova Dreyar Daughter of Laxus and Mirajane❤

6.)Akatsuki Eucliffe Adopted Son of Sting and Rogue❤

Art done by Kkumri❤

lol Sting and Rogue adopted okay then... lol but all of these are so accurate ugh COME ON HIRO PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN ALREADY ALL THE FANS ARE BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!! 😩😫😧😡
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lol and then there's sting and rogue. lol i had to double take to make sure i was reading correctly
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sting and rogue are #daddystatus
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Sting x Rouge
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