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Cupid Countdown: Gift of Sacred Heart
It's not too late to unleash the Sacred Heart for your loved one this Valentine's Day.
What is it?
Measuring 5" x 5" and covered in edible gold leaf, you're staring at a chocolate lover's paradise. Molded into the classic shape of the sacred heart, it's comprised of 74% dark chocolate!
Are you reading my mind right now?
Basically, if you're feeling it, buy this from Alma Chocolate and have it sent to me ASAP! It's only $25 and will definitely put a smile on my face, on my tongue and on my stomach!
Seriously, though, this would make a great gift for the chocoholic in your life. It's not your standard chocolate fare that you see at Walgreen's. But I aint judging!
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It's too pretty to eat 😫😫😫
2 years ago·Reply
I want to get your advice on the gift I bought @marshalledgar
2 years ago·Reply
what gift did you buy @inplainsight
2 years ago·Reply
looks beautiful
2 years ago·Reply