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Hello Vinglers! I am October. I wish to use this card to reintroduce myself (or for the newer communities I've joined, introduce myself for the first time). As promised in my last post as well, I shall also include some gifts to my communities as well as what I have planned going forward! WARNING: This card is loooong.
Allow me to introduce...ourselves. As stated, I go by the name October. This reintroduction is necessary because the first one did not provide ample enough warning to you all of who I am (~October is still introverted and continues to talk to himself through the voices in his head; as well as randomly switch to speaking in the third person~). On that note, I'd like to point out all my voices have personalities and names of their own. Over the next few days I'll introduce all of you to them, as they tend to be who is talking in the parenthesis in my posts and keeping them from talking for me and to you all is difficult. I hate taking photos of myself for a multitude of reasons (~October hates how he looks and thinks posting pictures of himself is fishing for compliments~). I also post the rants which have a heavy focus on personal issues I deal with and believe hiding my face allows a more objective discussions. As such this card will likely be the only one that I ever show my face on: last picture I'd the most current before anyone asks. I am a gamer, an artist*, a writer*, an otaku, veteran Pokemon Trainer, comic reader, Gothic Punk rock metal head, pagan with a love of dark and twisted humor, and my superpower is sarcasm and spouting references from various sources at every opportunity. * -- other people describe me a these and claim I'm skilled in it (~He tends to argue with them~). Now, onto this gifts. I've separated each into sections based on communities so read which ever ones interest you, you care about, are curious about, or think has secrets to immortality and/or a pet dragon.
Welcome to the Masquerade:Freakshow -not targeted to any single community but has a creative writing and art slant- The first gift is a collection I've started (~hint: all of his gifts are~). This one is semi-geared to creative writing but it is a collection of my art: drawings and otherwise. Original characters and their back stories but also fan art of characters I love from all mediums. Here is where the voices and their characters will be introduced to all of you. Like, the rest to come follow the collection to keep up to date as it grows! Expected to update every Tuesday!
Words from an Unsagely Sage -not targeted to any single community- Here is a collection of my life quotes, speeches, mottos, and videos that have provided and continue to provide the motivation and inspiration to keep going. I will share the quotes or videos and their meaning to me as well as how I apply them to all aspects of my life. Here's hoping October can provide you the boost you need to keep moving forward no matter the challenge in front of you. Expected to update every Wednesday!
October Reviews -Japanese Anime Community- October Reviews anime! Anime he loves! Anime he hates! Animes he respects and owes popularity to! Anime he is indifferent to! October breaks down characters, music, art styles, and stories in the animes he has watched. Expected to update every other Saturday depending on series being reviewed. First one Saturday February 13th!
Syre Reviews -Video Game Communities- Syre reviews games. From favorites to frustrations across numerous consoles, devices, and methods join us as Syre chronicles the characters, moments, stories, and feels games made him experience. Expected to update every Saturday opposite October Reviews depending on game being reviewed. First one February 20th!
Moonlit Comic Corner -Comics community DC/Marvel and others- The entire cast of October and voice weigh in on their favorite comic book heroes, villains, and stories. They will also offer discussions of comic book trends past and present to drum up conversation over how this medium continues to survive and how it could improve and what could be the challenges yet to come! Expected to update every Friday!
Writing Rambling -Creative writing Community- October highlights the practices, habits, and trend he notices in his writings. From creating characters to defining setting, join in the conversation! These have no set updates since October will post at total random to distract from the writing he is doing to distract himself from work and school.
A Glimpse into my Madness -Creative Writing Community- Here is the collection where October will post his actual writings. Snippets of the graphic novel he hopes to complete, small independent writings, bad self-empowering poetry-esque works. It all goes here for anyone to read, critique, and burn to ash! Expected to update every Thursday.
There you have it folks! Please follow any of the above collections to keep up with October in his ever losing battle against remaining sane and not giving into his many many fandoms and hobbies! Please join us as these collections grow and get better! I will usually keep each post in their respective target community but some may crossover if it is relevant to multiple groups. Reviews may even have video and audio instead of text walls!! If you wish to help October out via patreon, that'd be amazing if you did because he doesn't have a patreon, but everyone talks about it so October will too! Enjoy the tiny bottles with notes he casts out from his island of madness anyway!
good stuff. you know you can also publish your collections to these communities!
Cool intro! Looking forward to the Syre Reviews~
Yay! Welcome back :D