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Title: Under Your Skin Chapter: 2/?? Genre: angst/drama/fantasy Rating: PG14-NC17
Round eyes peered through the treetops toward the sky, the blue hue painted with oranges and pinks. A black mass of fur rolled in the shallow part of the stream, matted down to exposed a lean yet starved body of a wolf. Kyungsoo watched the birds fly above their heads, trying his luck and guessing each species. A small bark sounded off and before he moved his gaze he was drenched. His brow twitched in annoyance at her happy expression. “Do you know how long it takes to dry off in this weather?” he snorted. Yena let out a huff he assumed was a laugh and whipped her tail across the water again, flicking even more droplets onto his skin. They came here to catch fish to eat, yet somehow always ended up forgetting their hunger in lieu of playing. They had to make a few good memories in midst of their horrible lives. Kyungsoo growled playfully, running into the water and pushing her in. Cupping his hands he poured the water over her, laughing as she squirmed about like a puppy getting its first bath. Her form shifted back, her high pitched laughing filling the air as she begged him to stop. “What was that you said about getting dry? Stop!” Yena kicked his leg from under him, causing him to fall back with a yelp. Water dripped from his bangs, wide eyes underneath looking up at her figure doubled over with laughter. His mouth curved up in a grin, small giggles escaping and before they knew it, they were laughing, as if they didn’t have a care in the world. The water felt like ice against their bare skin, the warm breeze, sunlight dripping from between the treetops, and the leaves dancing about in their usual fashion; they let it all sink in, let all their senses run free. They sat there and felt everything, heard everything, tasted everything. It was times like these where they were the most at ease, no pack, no judgement, like this was how they were supposed to live. Wild, free, and unafraid. Kyungsoo breathed in the early autumn air, feeling it swirl and swell within his chest, throughout his lungs until he let it out in the most satisfying howl, a howl full of emotions, that even the other packs could probably hear. Yena watched him, tensing and relaxing, unsure if it was safe to let out a howl with him without others getting suspicious. She bit her lip and stood on edge, listening, waiting. Neither of them smiled anymore, though the joy they felt not too long ago still lingered. The sun was sinking past the trees now, the orange glow of the sky growing stronger while the blues turned dark. Yena nudged Kyungsoo with her foot, “We should head back now, Alpha will kick our asses if we’re out past curfew.” Kyungsoo nodded, rising up from the shallow waters and shaking himself off. Oh the inconvenience of getting wet. The both of them made it back to camp with time to spare before the moon was in full view, giving Yena time to slip away in order to persuade one of the higher ranked packmates for some food. Kyungsoo sat by the tree, displeased by the situation, and scrunched his nose at the idea of what she promised in return. He watched helplessly as she was abused on the spot, smacked to the floor and mounted. He closed his eyes, covered his ears so he could muffle out her pained cries, shrank in on himself to make this all disappear, to make himself disappear. This was a regular occurrence, but nonetheless it hurt to watch, to imagine how carelessly they treat her, all for a scrap or two of meat. It would always differ too, sometimes it would last a few minutes, other times it would last all night, and even then nothing would be given in return. He felt useless, unable to help, unable to protect her. He hated it. His conscience faded out into his thoughts before he felt a tap to his shoulder and jerked. “Hey, calm down Soo, it’s just me,” her voice was soft and cracked, her body bending in a particular way to ease the pain in her backside. She looked tired. “Here, they only gave me one piece, take it.” The raven haired pushed the piece of meat in his direction, eyes avoiding his and facing the ground. Kyungsoo didn’t notice how far the sun dipped down past the horizon, now completely replaced by the moon, or the fact they were closing up the shack, closing the pack off from the rest of the world. Nor did he notice the cluster of bruises that littered her sides and back, but he didn’t care to notice that fact. He hesitantly took the meat, eyes focused on her slow figure. “What about you? We can split this and —” “I don’t want any,” her voice cracked. “I’ll just… sleep. I just want to sleep.” The sun hadn’t even passed the horizon when wide eyes opened, peering up at the dead branches of their tree. The aftertaste of raw meat lingered between his teeth, rocks piercing his nude skin, yet he felt empty. He pawed by his side until he found the warmth of Yena’s skin, ribs rising and falling in a slow rhythm. He felt guilty, he could have at least saved a piece for her, but his hunger won him over, now there was nothing left for her to eat. He awoke a lot earlier than his usual time, so he decided to go back into the forest to hunt. Maybe he’ll catch a sleeping vole or weasel or something. He slipped away quietly, giving himself some distance from the camp before shifting. The process was always exhausting on his body, but he had to bear through it for Yena’s sake. His nose caught scent of a snoozing rabbit, completely unaware of its surroundings. As quiet as he could, his huge paws padded over to the small mammal and with a snap of his jaw, cut the animal’s life short. Pride surged through his body, a dumb look of happiness bleeding through his canine features. He quickly made his way back to camp, not bothering to shift back. The rabbit dangled from his mouth, blood covering the edges of his snout. Over at the tree, Yena sat, awake and cloudy-eyed, waiting for Kyungsoo to return. Brown paws raced across the camp to greet her, forehead pressed against her side before presenting his gift. “What did you-” Her eyes widened and a small smile played across her lips. “Did you catch this?” He nodded, nudging the carcass toward her. “You caught this for me?” He nodded again. Placing the rabbit next to her, he backed up and shifted again, a groan of pain slipping past his lips. Kyungsoo ignored it, instead wiping the blood from his mouth and smiling at her. “You sure are proud of this, aren’t you?” she chuckled, taking the rabbit and separating the meat from the bones. “I’ve never caught anything by myself, of course I’ll be proud of this.” He made himself comfortable on the floor and watched as she slowly devoured the small animal. She let out small coughs here and there, and some of it came back up, but eventually finished it. “Thank you, Soo. Thank you,” she sighed, small smile creeping up again. He just wanted to make her happy. He just wanted her to be safe. He wanted to protect her, to make sure she lives for another day. Not for her sake, but for his. He was selfish.
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