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I know!!!! its a little late but here it is the moment you've been waiting my Book Worms!♥
I hope you guys like it!!! happy reading and remember! if you want clues it's on the videos that I post at the end of each part of my stories, also the pictures that i post on the beginning and end are also clues.. happy reading my lovely fanatics!!!!Also thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! i appreciate it ! i love you all, happy reading!!! my fanatics!
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i recommend that you guys start listening to this song before you guys start reading the story! enjoy!

"Someone somewhere will know my miserable heart,
It’s right in front of me but I can’t find it like an oriole bird,
I’m flying around by myself in this darkness,
In my lonely night,
With a miserable heart,
Why don’t you know?
Even if I’m a small existence,
Don’t trample on me but go with me,
Your careless words and actions break me down,
It corners me, though you deny it
I’m hiding behind the ridicule,
It’s just a passing wind
I try shouting at the person next to me,
But only silence is looking at me,
I am walking too but why are they getting farther apart?
Why am I standing here alone?
Why is only my world stopping?
I see them fading away farther and farther"
He looks at you confused he scratches his eyebrow and says,
K: “Umm, no”
Sehun and Kyungso look at each other shocked while you burst out crying more, looking at his confused face immediately Kyungso asks Kai.
KY: “Her name starts with The “C”
Sehun looks at you worried and says,
S: “he will remember you, believe me”
You stare onto Sehun’s eyes while sobbing you tell him,
Y: “What if he doesn’t? “
Sehun smiles at you, while you wipe down your warm dripping tears from your cheeks.
You lay down and look at him still confused, while he actually grabs his head with his hands,
Kyungso immediately stands up and looks at the Machines, he asks Kai
KY: “What’s wrong? Are you OK?”
K: “I’m Fine hyung, it’s just this beeping noise ringing on my ears”
Sehun looks at Kai surprised and says,
S: “do you have any memories coming back¿”
While running his fingers through his hair,
K: “I just remember her face that’s all but I don’t Know her name”
You stand up from bed and face him you grab his face with your hands and turn around his face slowly facing yours. You look straight into his brown eyes and say to him softly,
Y: “you do remember my face, but not my name?”
Kai looks at you speechless you stop looking at him and bring your face down and close your eyes trying not to cry no one said a word while Sehun gets up and says,
S: “I’m leaving, we have work tomorrow, and Clarissa don’t forget to come to work Suho has been asking for you and Chanyeol won’t stop bothering me, ok?”
You look at Sehun and nod, Kyungso decides to leave you both alone they both walk away while Kyungso opens the door he says,
KY: “Kai will be staying here, and you should too”
You ask Kyungso,
Y: “why?”
Sehun blurs out,
S: “you see I went and took a visit to your apartment and it’s a mess pictures, clothes, pillows on the floor the kitchen is a mess and your whole house was turned upside down”
You widen your eyes, while Kyungso says the following,
KY: “I think it’s best for you to move apartments or just stay here for a while, until we catch that Asshole”
You just coldly stare at them and don’t say a word. They both leave and close the door behind them, you look at Kai and he looks kind of scared of you both together.
You smile at him and say to him,
Y: “your face is funny, that look you have right now it’s funny” you chuckle.
Kai stares at you deeply into your eyes and says,
K: “I dreamed, it was beautiful, it gave me so many feels, in my dream it seemed that girl really loved me, it felt so real”
You stare at him in shock the smile that you had become into a frown, all you could do is listen to him. He eventually started to say all the dreams he had, trying your best to hold back your tears and not cry in front of him. Your eyes would just water, he stopped talking about his dream.
You smile at him and said to him
Y: “now it’s my turn to tell you about the dream I just had”
Y: “I woke up in a white room and your where in it I didn’t remember anything about you but I saw you walking away from me and there was a door in front of you slightly opened. I screamed at you to wait for me and to not leave me behind, I also said who where you and complimented on your name you smiled at me and grabbed my hand and said to me come with me I’ll show you who we are, I said to you I just met you today, and you’re already grabbing my hand”
You both giggle together, while you keep explaining your dreams that you had.
Y: “you just grabbed my hand and pulled me without saying anything you made me blush, I also asked you where are we? And you said where we first met”
Kai would just stare at you and his face expressions where priceless frowning, puckering lips and confused face at times while you were sharing your dream, after finishing the story he said,
K: “it’s weird that we dreamt the same thing, because”
He suddenly gets closer to you and puts his forehead onto yours and says,
K: “Babe I loved the way you forced me to wake up and I couldn’t help it seeing you cry just shattered my heart, I don’t like seeing you cry”
He suddenly hugs you, all you can think of is if you should be mad at him or just enjoy the moment of him making you feel like a fool or just live the moment of him hugging you and holding you tenderly with his arms and giving you a sweet kiss on your lips.
You hug him and just tears start falling wetting his shirt he looks at you and wipes your eyes and says,
K: “Jagi, are you crying? Why? Don’t cry, please.”
You look down at your crossed legs you keep crying you grab air and say softly,
Y: “Kyungso said you almost died, I thought I had lost you.”
He lifts your face and looks into your eyes and says,
K: “if it weren’t for Sehun or Kyungso I wouldn’t be alive right now baby”
Tears started to fall from his face you widened your eyes seeing him cry for the second time, he tried his best to pull himself together but failed to do so and softly says.
K: “I thought I’d lose you too Jagi, I got into a fight with Sehun I beat the crap out of him”
You both giggle and wipe each other’s tears, he smiles at you and asks you
K: “do you believe my story now? You were trying to kill me babe, imagine doing all this several times risking my life to just protect you from those bad people, when I told you to trust only me I’m the good guy here” he chuckles.
While you punch him on the chest and giggle. He smirks and pulls you closer, wraps you around with his arms and holds you tightly once again.
You smile and softly say,
Y: “I missed you, so much...”
You wrap your arms around this neck and put the tip of your nose on his and tenderly say,
Y: “do you love me?”
He giggles and answers you back lifting his hand and brushing his fingers through the hair that was on your eyes softly putting those strands out of your eyes followed with a peck on your lips,
K: “do you love me?”
You both smile and giggle and say yes you both lay in bed and stare into each other’s eyes he caresses you pulls you closer to him.
You cuddle with him and he hugs you tighter, you ask him while raising your fingers to touch his wound on his neck,
Y: “did it hurt?”
K: “not as much as when you were shot, I thought my life would be over, I need you in my life Jagi”
He puts his chin on top of your head and caresses your hair followed with forehead kisses, you fondle your head onto his chest and hear his heart beat, feeling him hug you and snuggling with you was the best thing in life you slowly closed your eyes and with the rhythm of his heart beat you fell asleep. He slowly grabbed the bed sheets and tucked you in softly, While both of you drifted into sleep.

- Clarissa Entering DREAMING State –

“It’s so dark open your eyes” someone said
You opened your eyes and see you’re in a forest you walk straight not knowing where to go you suddenly hear a branch break you turn around not finding anyone, you suddenly start walking a little more faster when you hear a scream
Your eyes widen and you turn around and see a black shadow, you immediately start walking faster that shadow kept following you screaming murder.
You kept walking faster until you convinced yourself that wasn’t going to work so you started running for your life. trying your best to not look back every time you would look back that shadow would get closer and closer to you.
Passing through creepy looking trees you fell and stood up again to keep running while you looked back you fell into a deep well.
You screamed,

-Clarissa getting out of DREAMING State –

You opened your eyes and screamed half awake,
Y: “Kaiii…”
You looked around panicked.
"Your smile that’s not ridiculing me,
Finds me again from disappearing,
In the darkness, your smile
Shines brightly into my heart,
How about you,
I`m all about you,
I want to go back to the beautiful days,
Please hold my hand right now."
clues clues and more clues!!!
what do you think will happen on the next episode of kill them with kindness?
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