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Did I even do day 7? I think I did? Oh well. anyway, here are my ships.
1. Stucky!! I literally have been a fan of this ship since I saw the first captain america movie. Honestly my first thoughts upon watching it were. "Gayyyyy. Bucky's hot though... why does he look so familiar?" I had NO CLUE that Sebastian Stan was Bucky the first time I watched it. When I saw him in the credits i was like.. "Chase is in this? Who did he play?" But yeah, Stucky for the win.
2. Stony!! So, watching the avengers for the first time, and i'm just like.... Steve just fucking kiss him already! Thus, I became a Stony shipper.
3. WinterIron! Okay, so there is a reason behind this other than the fact that the two damaged souls are great together. I ship them because JJ, my original Character, is essentially Bucky, so when I envision the two of them, I envison Winteriron but with Bucky with blue hair.
4. Stuckony! I looooove this pairing. As a die hard shipper of both stony and stucky, this ship just makes me haaaaapppyyyy.
5. Winterhawk! Another pairing I adore for no other reason then they are utterly adorable.
6. Ironfrost! Originally I was not a fan of this pairing, and then.... boom! My friend Victoria and her friend wrote and RP called "Tip of the icing" and yeah, I was hooked.
7: Frosthawk! Originally I was deeply against this pairing because I felt personally attacked for the sake of Hawkeye after seeing Avengers. Then, I read a really fluffy fic about Loki and Clint baking, and I was sold. For some reason, the thought of Loki baking is very sexy for me...
8: Clintasha Well, I really liked their dynamic in the movies, and I figured this list should have at least a few hetero pairings. haha.
9: Brutasha Again, I really like the chemistry they share in the movies, even if everybody else pretty much hated it. I think widow and hulk are so cute!!
Well, I ran out of images, so, I guess we stop at 9! Those are my favored pairings in no real order, execept the first two! Night guyyyssss! @shannonI5 @arnelli @XavierLopez @mcbubbles @Eclare
Excellent :D :D you found some really cool fanart to go along with them too!
@shannonI5 This is basically just a combination of what I already had on my phone and google images, really. haha.