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The Rules Make a list of your Top 15 biases (They do not have to be in order,) and answer all the questions. My top 15 bias list is always changing, but here's my current one for now.

My Top 15 list

1. Ravi (Vixx) 2. TOP (Big Bang) 3. Bang Yongguk (B.A.P) 4. G-Dragon (Big Bang) 5. Zico (Block B) 6. NamJoon (BTS) 7. Kai (Exo) 8. P.O (Block B) 9. Jackson (Got7) 10. Suga (BTS) 11. J-Hope (BTS) 12. Baekhyun (Exo) 13. Hongbin (Vixx) 14. JongHyun (Shinee) 15. Jungkook (BTS)

Between 4 and 14 who would you be more apt to Marry?

G-Dragon vs JongHyun. I would Have to choose G-Dragon because he was my Ultimate Bias before my Bias list got wrecked. I love his Smile, and He's just as cute, and as sweet as he can be.

Between 1 and 5 who would you sing/Rap with?

Ravi vs. Zico. Even though I think that Zico is very Talented, I would have to go with Ravi, because it's a chance to meet my Ultimate bias. Sorry Zico, I do love you though.

Between 6 and 13 who would you introduced to your family?

NamJoon vs Hongbin. Even though this is a tough question, I would have to choose Hongbin.

Between 2 and 8 who would be your Best friend?

T.O.P vs P.O. It would have to Be TOP because he's just so silly and he's one of my top biases, I known Top a lot longer than I've known P.O.

Between 3 and 15 who would you kiss?

Bang Yongguk vs Jungkook. Bang Yongguk for sure! That boy is always competing to be 1st place on my list all the freakin' time.

Between 7 and 12 who would you nurse to health.

Kai Vs. Baekhyun. Even though I care about both of them, and their health, I guess I would choose Kai.

Who's a better singer/Rapper

Jackson vs J-Hope. Here we go, another hard question, but I'll go with J-Hope, even though I love Jackson, I think He is So Talented and he's so Awesome. I hated to even choose, they're both so talented.

Between 10 and 3 who would get along with your friends the most?

Bang Yongguk vs Suga. The closest friend I've ever had the the only Friend I could really trust has always been my sister. She would get along better with Yongguk.

Between 8 and 15 who would you date?

P.O vs Jungkook. P.O because he reminds of TOP in a lot of ways, plus to be honest, even though I love JungKook, I think he's adorable, I'm not used to being a Noona. I'm not used to dating a guy younger than me.

Between 1 and 7 who would you cook for?

Ravi vs. Kai. Well, I don't know what Ravi likes, but I know that Kai likes Fried Chicken. This is a Hard question! I'll cook Fried chicken for Kai.

Between 4 and 12 who would make you laugh the most?

Baekhyun vs G-Dragon. Definitely G-Dragon, I just love his sense of humor.

Between 3 and 13 who has the most Contagious smile?

Bang Yongguk Vs Hongbin. This is another hard one, because both of their smiles are so contagious and sweet, But when I see, or even think about Yongguk's Smile I instantly smile, that's probably because he's trying to wreck my bias list.

Between 5 and 10 who would be a better father?

Zico Vs Suga. I think Zico would be a fun, and cool dad.

Between 6 and 9 who would you choose to be stranded on an Island with?

NamJoon vs Jackson. NamJoon because he's really funny, he would keep me entertained. If I had to choose, I would pick either a BTS member, or a Block B member to be stranded with because I would have some entertainment, so that's why I must go with NamJoon.
And that's it. This challenge was really fun. Thank you for tagging me, @VixenVivi
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