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I just recently decided to rewatch the Edolas arc of Fairy Tail because it is my favorite arc so far, and much like the first time I watched the arc. I had a thought. "I wonder what my Edolas counterpart would be like." Then I found a post on Tumblr that I can't find again for the life of me πŸ˜“. The post asked: "What if Edolas is actually us hundreds of years ago, and we're in Edolas?" My thought then turned to: "I wonder what my counterpart is like in general?"
I started thinking, but I also had to remember:
So I think that instead of Meh (Please ignore my PJS):
Apperence: -meh -thin hair -bad skin -indistinguishable gender to some -no chest (fine with on most days) - no figure Personality: -Genderfluid -otaku -obsessive -insane -moody -bleh In Edolas/Earthland I'm probably like what happened with Wendy.
Now, what are YOUR counterparts like? Comment below! Other pictures I found that I think you'll like:
Also feel free to talk about the second pic here ^. I mean for real! Peace Out! ✌🏻️
my favorite in fairy tail is the Grand magic games, and E.N.D. Both had made me cry my eyes out/ But i do love the Edolas arc as well, i loved seeing all characters meet their opposite, my favorite out of all of them is Levy and Gajeel (because they switched rolls)
well I guess my Edolas me would be loud, more outgoing, breast size would stay the same, but I'd probably be a swimmer.
@ChristinaOMalle OMG those arcs I can't even! My heart couldn't take it!