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YEHET so EXCITED for this event I love these guys so much! <3 Thank you @PrincessUnicorn for this awesome challenge :D
This will forever and always be my favorite music video of EXO!
What I love is the choreography, they never fail to amaze me with the way they all move in sync as a unit and SLAY those dances! and the lyrics! Also the outfits, yes the pants make me laugh a bit every time but hey they make it work AND its fetus EXO what's not to love about their cute faces? Its everything, I love everything about this video.
Look at them, they're so excited for day 2 just like me!.....D.O. is feeling it..on the inside though \( ^,^)/
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it feels like his saying look at my art work isn't it lovely my love? kekekke!!!♥
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DO in that gif is like "BEHOLD!! My minions!" He really is Satansoo 😂
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