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In one of his videos, he imitated Kanye West. He said happy monkey New Years did a few noises. Many people thought it was racist and were extremely offended. Taeyang apologized on one of his photos and also deleted the video. what do you think about what Taeyang did? http://song-minheaux.tumblr.com/post/138945825337/ygfamilyy-taeyang-poses-as-kanye-west-gets
@majesticpzzanae he apologized because they were upset. Upset fans came first, then the apology.
seriously 50 bucks they were americans cause my country is the only one that get work up over stupid shiz...kayne makes fun of tyler swift and trump but no one can make fun of him? fck off you nuts
@Kamiamon yeah. its cool he's informed now and stuff and i hope more ppl will realize and chill now
@Kamiamon exactly bc he didn't realise what he did wrong until ppl informed him
@majesticpzzanae yea, that's what mistakes are. I'm confident he'll make better choices in the future
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