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With how well your date went with Taehyung, you are excited to see what Namjoon has planned. Your nerves are still a bit jumpy as you anticipate the possibilities. They are respecting each other by letting the other be the only one to text you on their specific days. The first text came in about 10 minutes after Tae walked out the door.
“Last night I went to sleep thinking about you, missing you, hoping to dream about you.” Mr. Suave has entered the ring and it appears he will not be holding anything back.
“Good morning, you slept well?”
“Not as well as the previous six days but dreams were good .”
“LOL I’m not touching that.”
“Probably best.”
You aren’t sure what is on their schedule that morning, you just know you are meeting up with the group after lunch to watch a photo shoot for one of their sponsors. It shouldn’t be awkward if they act as they have the past week when with the whole group. The fact that only Taehyung had been gone last night, and only Namjoon tonight; it makes you wonder what the others are thinking.
You print off the blog posts you’ve created in preparation for your meeting with Big Hits PR to get final approval before the photo shoot. As the PR Director is reading and flipping through papers your phone goes off.
“You’re that someone I never expected.”
That makes you stop, it makes you think, and you almost miss the PR Director telling you what a great job you’ve done, how they are more than pleased with the way this job has turned out. You’re pretty pleased with the way this little job has brought voices to life; and dreams to reality.
Jimin is waiting for you outside the office, she’s not as shimmery as she was when this whole thing started, time together is coming to an end and ‘real’ life is looming far too close for either one of you. You were right when you dubbed her your new bestie, she is amazing and there is no doubt for you that the two of you will stay in touch after you leave.
Ken takes you to the photo shoot and the guys are already there. They are being fussed over by make-up and hair or having wardrobe chosen by the client. It’s busy, busy as you enter the room. After almost being ran over twice, you and Jimin find a chair in the back, out of the way. There is a buzz in your back pocket. Oh, that’s where you put your phone!
“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”
You look up, searching the room for the savvy guy who is full of fabulous quotes today. You find him sitting in front of a mirror with the hair stylist, his eyes directly on you. As your eyes meet his in the mirror, he smiles and ducks his head. Oops, wrong move, as he gets an annoyed look from the stylist and a command to put his head back up. You hastily look away only to meet a different pair of eyes that look unbelievably sad. It suddenly feels like all the members are staring and judging you. Wondering why you would do this to their brothers, why you have any say, and when are you leaving so that life goes back to normal? They probably don’t even care that you are in the room but the weight of deciding between Namjoon and Taehyung is making you feel guilty for things you haven’t even done.
You lean over and whisper to Jimin that you need some air and she gathers her stuff and heads with you over to where they are setting up the back drops. Only the photographer and his crew are in there and they pay you no mind. You can do this. It isn’t a sin to enjoy time together with two great guys, so it shouldn’t be a sin to enjoy time alone with them either. Buzz.
“And her smile is more beautiful than the stars. Can’t wait to be the reason you smile tonight.”
ugh the pressure... choose neither or both... you can't just pick one!!!! you can't, not after all of this!!!
Joonie you're pulling some major heart strings there! I'm a sucker for a romantic!💖💖