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Namjoon arranged for the two of you to leave after the photo shoot. Like Tae, he kept his plans secretive and would only smile when you asked questions. However, you are relentless and he finally gives in with only a hint stating, “It’s time to be geeks.”
You can’t help but smile, some of your best conversations had been geeky ones, and for some reason that answer helps calm some of your nerves. There is silence in the car, not necessarily uncomfortable, but you can tell he wants to say something. He’s been playing with your hand he’s holding, staring down at it like it’s a puzzle that needs to be solved.
“You okay?” You venture, hoping it isn’t anything you’ve done. He looks up at you and just stares for a few minutes, looks back down and then out the window.
“I don’t want to be compared to Tae. I know that’s silly, we’re the ones that asked for this but I just…” you stop him by tugging him so that he turns back to you.
“Stop. You aren’t Tae and Tae isn’t you, there is no way to compare you two and I don’t want to. To be fair, we aren’t going to talk about or mention Tae again. Tonight is supposed to be just you and me right?”
He brings your hand up to his lips and kisses it. “Right,” he says with a beautifully dimpled smile. He pulls you across the seat and puts his arm around you for the rest of the ride.
As the car pulls into a busy district you try to catch the sights of the different stores, shops and restaurants. “Where are we?”
Before he pulls his face mask on he responds, “Cheonggyecheon Plaza.”
He claps Ken on the shoulder as a thank you; pulls his hat on as he steps out of the car, then reaches in to help you out. He keeps hold of your hand as you mesh into the throng of people walking the plaza. He glances down at his watch, leans over to speak so you can hear him, “We have time for dinner first, hungry?”
As you nod he moves in the direction of the restaurant he’s chosen. Down the street and over to a quaint little place called Gomguksijib. To be less noticed, he asks for a table in the back room. Most tourists will prefer to sit in the front on the chairs. Rice and beef soup are served and you’re waiting to see how he’ll eat through his mask. You smile with the knowledge that he’s forgotten he has it on. He looks across at you, motioning for you to start and you motion to his mask.
“Oh,” he laughs as he pulls it down to his chin, then decides better and takes it completely off with the hat.
“Much better,” you say as you pick up your spoon.
Conversation is light and at times funny, never having an awkward pause; becoming just like it was when you were skyping or texting, before Korea. He was quite amused watching you try to eat with chopsticks. He finally took pity on you, moved to your side of the table and sitting behind you showed you how they work. Complaining you’d starve to death he moved back to his side, took your rice bowl and used his chopsticks to feed you.
He glances down at his watch again, “We have to go, or we’ll be late.” Gathering items up, you both say thank you, pay, and head back out onto the busy street. His hat and mask are back in place as you double step trying to keep up with his long legs. Wherever it is you are heading, he wants to get there now! As you arrive at the glass doors of the movie theater you start to laugh, you are late for the movies. He looks down at you, sees you breathing heavy, stops and sighs. “I’m sorry, my long legs, I forget.”
You smile and bop his nose through his mask. Once you get inside he heads to get popcorn and drinks, “You saved room?”
“Umm, sure,” you reply, even though you had no idea you’d be eating snacks directly after dinner.
It’s a good thing you didn’t have time for dessert.
While waiting for the popcorn, he turns and whispers in your ear, “Ken got the tickets for us earlier. The trick is to go in right as the previews start so that it doesn’t matter who we are or if we’re seen.” You can see the smile in his eyes, like a kid let loose in a candy store.
“So what are we seeing?” you ask as you head to give your tickets and go in to take your seats.
“Batman vs. Superman,” he says with excitement. Ah-ha! Geeking out, got it. God bless geeks and their nerdy little hearts everywhere. The seats aren’t reserved so he heads directly for the last row. Easy in, easy out; hardly noticeable. He waits while you get settled, than lifts the arm rest from between the seats. He meets you in the middle; no hat, no mask, just popcorn, soda, and Namjoon.
The movie was great! You both laughed and cursed and then you laughed again when you realized he was cursing in English. It was comfortable, fun, and a great time. Just before the credits started to roll, he leaned over, kissed your cheek and broke the news you had to leave now. At the back doors of the theater you watch the final scene of the movie, than immediately turn and walk out.
“I have two more places for us to stop, you still good? We can head back if you’d rather.” Due to having to say that in your ear, when you turn to look at him, his face is only an inch away. Face masks, some days you didn’t want them to exist.
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2 more places! sounds exciting! let's play! I dk, NamJoon is my bias, but in this stripey I love v both kids.. it's easier with NamJoonie cuz the language barrier isn't there. but to learn Korean and actually teach Taetae English is a means of affection. in love is all about effort. can I just keep them both.!? don't make me choose!!!
Absolutely! It's killer when there are multiple guys that we like in the same group. I can't make a decision!! Lol
Oh my word! I love this. It's killing me that it is between my bias and my bias wrecker but it is still amazing! :)
@faith92 lol its has been fun but hard to write, the are both my bias of the group. Thanks for reading :)