2 years ago100+ Views | Changing or updating the theme of your kitchen or bathroom is a breeze. For a rustic feel there are a number of simple ideas you can use as a starting point to create the atmosphere you are looking for. Finding the right accessories for the space will help you tie together your rustic theme, such as wine goblets that have bears etched into the side. Other subtle changes that you can make for your existing furniture and accent pieces are to swap out cabinet pulls, door handles, and fan or lamp chains.
Bears and wood are two common design choices that help accent your rustic kitchen and bathroom, and you will be able to easily find pieces for your home. From storage containers, to tissue boxes, to shower curtains, discovering the perfect rustic items is just a simple click away. Here are a few more ideas to complete your room:
Bear-themed bathroom vanity set
Rustic potholders and dishtowels
Wood-framed mirrors and wooden picture frames