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So I'm attempting a drawing on one of the many people in one of my favorite groups. I admit that as I'm not that great with proportions that I traced a basic outline of the face so I'm basically just shading and adding details. Also, I traced it off my phone so some things are off, like the lips and chin. But yeah can you guess who it is?
@JenGambale ah true. Funny that I was taught to swim by my older brother and he's the one who pointed out that I always drew eyes too big compared to mouths so I've tried to fix that problem. And now he and other family members ask me to design tattoos for them haha
@MaeLyn Learning techniques by yourself can be very advantageous, that way you'll develop your own unique style. :) It's like learning to swim by yourself instead of taking swimming classes. It might take you longer but that way you'll figure out how things work best for you. :)
@JenGambale haha thank you. It means a lot that people actually like my art because my art teacher never helped and only commented on two of my projects in the entire 4 years I took art. I was always overshadowed by my friends so I had to learn techniques by myself. It's all trial and error.
@MaeLyn Your stuff is really cool! :D That's the spirit! x3
@JenGambale well the first serious drawing of a man anyway
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