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I know it's late but I had to put my card in for this one aside from spidy and black cat my favorite couple would be gambit and rouge.
ever since the animated series I always loved how gambit and rough had a yeha right relationship, but when things looked really bad they always made shure they told each other they loved one another. it made me happy yet sad how rouges powers prevented them from fully having a relationship but they never gave up. and besides gambit would be crazy to turn down rough gambit is smart enough to avoid a serious ass whopping from the woman who hurt juggernaut
Ooooh yeah they've both had a pretty tough time and whenever it feels like they're getting close something else happens :(
Oh how much I love those too!! They are my fave Xmen couple! 馃挊 馃挊 馃挊 馃挊
cool x men
@jevonlowery I remembered watching that show. Yes Rouge and Gambit did make good couple. He never let her push him away.