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Sitting in an office all day can be difficult, especially when all you can think about is taking a weekend trip to stay in a cabin in the mountains. However, you don’t need to own a cabin or use your valuable vacation time in order to experience cabin living every day. Decorating your home like a cabin is easy to do on your own once you know how you want it to look.
You can create the perfect rustic feel by incorporating a splash of earth colors like rich brown, forest green and brick red. Wooden furniture, such as rocking chairs, desks, and tables, helps tie in the color scheme and adds warmth to your home. When it comes to lighting, consider pieces that are visually appealing and which fit in with the rest of the theme. Some examples include a pinecone candle arm chandelier or lantern wall sconces. Finally, shop for the rustic decorations and accessories to complete your home so you can always come home to your very own cabin.