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Alot of people day that they are looking for their soul mate, I'm not sure if that's the correct term for it maybe it is but to me it doesn't make sense. I think love finds it's own way when you don't look for it, it finds you in the least expected place and time. If I was a love expert my advice to people would be don't waste your time looking for your soul mate but spend it wisely by getting yourself ready for love when it finds you.
find love is not waste of time as long as you can manage your everyday life. True, there is love that come just like that without you looking at, but you can see how many people out there that need some effort to get it.
how many people really found love that way. most of them don't work out cause of all the extra effort it gets to a point where a person would push it and it's not love any more. but your right as long as you put your daily life routine first