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Day 9 The fight against Superman!
So first Deadpool can beat him. They both get ready to fight but Deadpool takes of his mask and smiles that wonderfully beautiful smile we all knows he has. Superman screams out: " You're far too awesome for me to beat" and he turns into a puddle of gross alien liquid. Then this fondue table beats him because why not? Lucifer can definetly beat him because he's a demon, dude. Right? Right! The burrito puppy saps up all of Superman energy with its cuteness and then gives the finishinh blow with a little mew bark. Souma beats superman in a one on one fight with pure wit and and amazing skill. I'm talking about a cooking battle. That settles it, these are all carefully thoughtout logical reasonings and not all pictures I pulled out of my phone with an explanation I pulled out my butt.
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very interesting, because I didn't think of Lucifer. I think it's possible.
who is the guy in the 5th pic. He looks familiar but I can't remember where from.
@shannonl5 Right! who can resist a burrito puppy's power!
@shogu12s Souma from Shokugeki no Soma
@MelissaGarza yeah i didn't either but I was looking through my pictures and I saw him and thought that he would make a good match against Superman.