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Every month or so I fall in love.

Not with a guy, silly. With a new beauty product. If you have yet to notice, I have a serious obsession. Beauty is life and I know I can't possibly be the only one to feel this way. Lately, I've been taking my skincare routine very serious in hopes of being extremely comfortable bare faced by the time summer rolls around. About three weeks ago I was introduced to sheet masks after stumbling in the store and spotting a mask that I figured might do more right for my face than wrong. I ended up loving it and I went and purchased yet another sheet mask this past weekend, only to fall in love all over again.
The great thing about sheet masks is that they're affordable, they aren't messy and from my experience they seem to get the job done. Last night I used a rice sheet mask by Tony Moly that I had purchased from Urban Outfitters and my skin looked great afterwards, I kid you not. If you're a fan of face masks and want to try something new and different, get yourself a sheet mask -- I promise you won't be disappointed. I'll give you a head start and share some amazing ones below, keep scrolling and get ready to bring your skin back to life.

Would you give these sheet masks a try?

Have you ever tried sheet masks? If so, what is your favorite?