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The Guy You Like Vs. The Guy Who Likes You

We've all been in this predicament. Well, maybe.

[Disclaimer: this has no affiliation with my personal life.]
But at the end of the day, is it really a predicament? You fall for someone and expect them to catch you before you hit rock bottom. You're caught, but not by the person who you wanted to catch you. The person you intended on catching you has their guard up. They aren't reciprocating the same feelings, but yet you continue to show signs that you're interested.
The hero who saved the day catching you when you fell, does everything you wish the guy you're interested in would do. He compliments you, he reciprocates and he's consistent. What more could someone ask for? Believe it or not, he's pretty close to perfect. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Because you're so caught up on the guy not paying you any mind, you miss out on something and someone great. Potentially.
While you continue to blow off guy #2 and his attempt to treat you like royalty, you're stuck with an individual who wants nothing to do you with. Literally. He's just keeping you around for when he gets bored. That's not somebody that you want to invest your time or energy into, especially if they aren't willing to do the same.
So, with that being said, you're left with two options: you can continue putting your all into someone who clearly isn't willing to do the same or you can move from the zero and obviously, get with a hero. As easy as that sounds, sometimes it's easier said than done. We live in such a shallow society that guy #1 might be lacking personality and respect, but if he has everything else we're looking for we will look right past guy #2. It's the sad truth and as much as we don't want to believe it, we have to.

Would you put your pride to the side and go for guy #2 or continue wasting your time and stick with guy #1?

Ladies, chime in.
ohhhh I'm know we are supposed to pick, but I would drop both. Though I would still try to be friends with both and see where things take me. I think an ideal partner though would be just as into you as you are into them
@jordanhamilton yes 💯pure truth and I know there's a lot of girls like that out there ..I hope like you they will learn from their experiences 😊
Lol that's funny ..guy #2 always ended up by himself because he's too nice,he's too caring ,he doesn't treat you like trash. so you call him best friend,brother, buddy. ..not thinking about his feelings because you're to focus on the jerk who don't give a flying f*** about you. you don't know how much that hurts him when you can't see past the "bro" title ...until he decided he can't take it anymore and moved on. then you're sitting there complaining how nobody loves you, how unlucky you are with relationship when you had a guy right here, right in front of you. you had a guy who would give the world just to have you in his life but you let him go just because you were to blind 😒
Neither lol. I'd rather be single until I find a man who is as crazy about me as I am crazy about him!
Yeah, no... Option #3: take care of myself for a while and let #1 & #2 tend to themselves. I'm not into settling for the sake of settling. I'm also not into choosing an option just so that I'm not alone. -_- I'm perfectly fine being alone! No no no, I'd much rather take my time and wait for the option where someone comes along and we're both into each other without compromising or settling! I'll wait for the option where I don't have to ponder it out, you know? Where I just know because it's right...even if it turns out that I've had to wait for option #86! That would be worth it... Does that make any sense at all?? >_> (I don't feel like it does lol... But then, I don't feel like anything in my head makes sense right now...)
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