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Hiya Nakama!! tbell2 here and we are on the 3rd day of ships & feels!

What Anime Made You Cry the Most?

Make a {FSF} card with your answer and tag meeee cx

For me the answer is Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.

The scene that always got me was when Naruto talked about his past and how he always alone (as shown above).

Haku's and Zabuza's back stories and ending is a sad one. I couldn't stop crying ;-;

When Sasuke left the village I felt Sakura's emotions and could relate to her pain and sadness because I can relate to losing someone very dear to my heart.

Kakashi's past with Obito abd Rin was really eye opening and a big tear jerker.. :,(

Asuma's death was not an easy one to accept. Losing someone special in your life. I was able to relate to Shikamaru and his team.

Losing a sibling and finding out that he did everything for him and died for him... *tears* And after their fight when Madara was explaining things to Sasuke and when he remembered his past, I was in tears. Too many feels haha

Naruto OST also had a play in making me feel the emotions of the anime. "Sadness and Sorrow" is a beautiful track and absolutely emotional. haha but I still often listen to it c:

so thanks for reading guys!! Like I said make a card! c: I would love to hear answer!!

one piece deaths such as Ace
charlotte so many sad moments
oh my god the feels from naruto are so real. I don't know if I have any anime that I would say made me cry more than others, but scenes that did
Clannad! 馃槶
I didn't cry during any of them
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