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Believe it or not, the following K-pop groups could have had entirely different names. Prior to their debut, these K-pop acts were deciding between a variety of names, some of which now seem pretty outlandish! From EXO to BIGBANG, these K-pop superstars could have been known as something completely different. Which names do you prefer?
1. EXO: Boy’s Paradise
2. Wonder Girls: LC (Ladies Club)
3. BTS: Young Nation, Big Kids
4. INFINITE: The Big Dipper, Blackberry, Icons, Supersonic
5. SISTAR: Diridiri Daradara Duruduru Bop
In case you were wondering how to pronounce Diridiri Daradara Duruduru Bop, check out this video below!
6. BtoB: Arirang, Chungdam Unbeatable, Asian King, Sonic, 74
7. Beast: Six-Con, Genghis Khan, 300, Gold Silver Bronze Bald Eagle
8. MAMAMOO: Wah Wah Girls
9. TVXQ: SM 5, The Five Visceras, Eastern Invincibility, Whale That Eats Legends
10. VIXX: Bluefish, J-Dice
11. GFRIEND: Hug Hug, World Peace, Guardian Angel
12. CNBLUE: Pine Tree
13. SHINee: Luxury Boys, Baby Team, SM 5
14. F(x): Meow, Flower, Bomb
15. BIGBANG: Diamond
Which names surprised you the most? Can you imagine the groups having any of these names? Share your thoughts below!
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@CourtneyNance16 I noticed. SM really likes to makes sure that people know that the group is from SM πŸ˜‚. Isn't there going to be a group called SM Rookies?
@Bizzycx possibly but they might split into different groups. Would not surprise me if they did keep the name for them though
@CourtneyNance16 true, at least they would stand out for their name.
i wouldn't have minded BigBang being Diamond, I mean look at them now. They are definitely DIAMONDS!!! πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
I like the idea of boy's paradise for EXO!