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A human girl went to a school. It is full of vampires. Her name is Nira Ki. She was eighteen years old which made her a Senior in high school. She recently transferred to Geomun Academy, and she had no idea what she had got herself in to. She walked through the door.The school already seemed strange. The walls were black, and the doors blood red. The lights were very dim. Nira thought to herself, “How can anyone see in this place?” Even, all the blinds and curtains were shut.
She then entered her classroom. Seven guys walked up to her. The guys simultaneously say, “Hello, Princess.” They all kissed Nira’s hand. They all took turns introducing themselves. The one with pink hair said, “Hello, I am Namjoon.”
Another one with mint green hair said, “I am Min.” Then, a guy with orange hair said, “I am Jimin.”
The one with black hair said, “I am Jungkook.”
A guy with a pink tie said , “I am Jin.”
“Hey, I am your hope. I am Jung.” said a guy with brown hair.
Then she heard a very deep voice, “I am Taehyung. It is nice to meet you.” They all bowed while smiling.
“Um, hi.” Nira responded awkwardly. “You smell really tasty.” the seven guys said. They all bite a part of her body and drank her blood.
From much of her blood being drank out of her body, Nira fainted. A few hours later she awoken in a bed, wearing a gothic style dress. “Where am I?” she said weakly.
The seven guys responded, “You are at our house.”
“But why?” Nira asked curiously.
“We turned you into our mistress and turned you into a vampire.” Jung said.
“Oh, that is nice. Wait, what?” Nira screamed. She runs outside and quickly jumps back hissing. All she could see was very bright light from the sun. Her skin was starting to smoke. Min rushed and closed the door. “I guess it is true.” Nira said. Her voice cracked, and she started to cry. “I will never be able to see my family again.”
“It is not that bad. You have us.” Namjoon said while running his finger through his hair and winking.
Jungkook hugged Nira and said, “Ignore him. He has a big ego. Just think though you are now immortal. You know that is pretty awesome.”
Nira smiles a little and wipes away her tears, and said, “That is pretty rad, Jungkook.”
The rest join in the hug and said, “It will be all right Princess.”
“Now we all can live together!” Jimin said excitedly. Nira giggled at his cuteness.
Taehyung gave Nira a cup. She looked in it. It is full of blood. She suddenly got very hungry. She chugged the blood so quickly that some was dripping from her mouth. The taste was salty, with a hint of metal. “I want more.” Nira said. They gave her ten more glasses but, her hunger was yet satisfied. “Where did this all come from?” Nira asks.
“This patient we stole from the hospital. They are going to die soon anyway. Their heartbeat is getting slower.” Min said. Nira rushed over and dug her fangs in the carotid artery on the patient. She sucked it dry.
“Hey! The rest of us have not had any yet.” Jin yelled.
“Okay, and your point is?” Nira said angrily.
“His point is we need blood to drink too!” Min yelled at Nira. Out of nowhere Nira swung at Min and he goes flying. He lands on a glass coffee table and it breaks.
Taehyung yelled, “What are you doing Nira calm down!”
Nira grabbed him by his neck and slammed him on the ground. “Anyone else want to challenge me?!” She shouted.
Namjoon went towards her and slammed her on the ground. “This is my home. I own this place. I rule this clan and other clans!” he growled.
Nira gets up. She brushed herself off and cracks her neck and says,“If I beat you will I become the new leader?”
Namjoon laughed hysterically and said, “A fledgling like you will never defeat me.”
“We will see about that.” Nira growled. Next thing she knows Namjoon is not in front of her. She then feels pain in her back and her body collapses. “What the-” Nira said. She could not say or move anything.
“You are probably wondering why you can not move. Well, it is because I have temporarily damaged your nerves. You better be lucky I’m still letting you stay here after that little stunt you pulled. I could let you be a Caitiff. Which, is a vampire with no clan. But I see you as a potential princess. I am the vampire prince. That is why we always call you princess. The rest of them are my bodyguards.” Namjoon explained. He kissed Nira and then went into his study. After this, they would not allow Nira to hunt; instead they gave her blood bags as punishment.
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