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29 Days of Marvel Day 9
Hmmmm now who could beat superman?
Well okay besides Batman 馃槄.
You know what? There's not enough girl power on this topic. I think She-Hulk can take him. She's got superhuman strength comparable to Superman's, perhaps even stronger when she's enraged (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). Not to mention superhuman speed and endurance. Oh and she has a healing factor. That's a major win! May I add that unlike the Hulk, she retains her intelligence so she's not running in rashly, she's thinking strategically. So yeah. She-Hulk FTW!!!!
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oh good call! She's amazing and really smart too @kuzuri96 haha more girl power for ever :D
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I could see it, plus the invulnerability and slight healing factor help too xD
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As much as I love Superman, he is too easy to subdue. SheHulk all the way.
2 years agoReply
I could see her pulling off a win against Superman
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@redapple615 She-hulk! yes I agree with you. if the hulk can beat, then definitely she can too.
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