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@sofiamuller758 Oh, wow. You've been here?! How cool! (^^) I bet it's even more amazing in person, isn't it?
The Hallgrímskirkja Church !! Love it !! Would love to come back there again :((
@Tapsamai That would be great if you have time. Oh, wow, leaving again so soon? I bet you're very happy, though. Oh, I was actually studying a bit about Macau about a month ago (for fun). Sure, it sounds like fun! What do I need to do?
heheh I will try to post the nordic church later if I have time. I am planning for my another trip after this year around Asia or SEA. And I am learning about Macau at the moment, you wanna join the project ? Each week, together we learn about one country, and together post it in here :)
@cheerfulcallie I know, right? When I saw this, I was blown away. @Tapsamai Wow, you saw this too? That's amazing. Be sure to post the other church. I'd love to see what it looks like.
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