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Need a female superhero lead movie asap
It's on the way!!! I'm so excited I feel like Gal Gadot is going to do an amazing job with the character. Where my Wonder Woman fans at @buddyesd @LadyLuna @mymi @ZoilaObregon @SamanthaHolmonR @bemba0411 @TiffanyPerez @Syihabahmed @SparkRIDE I think this would be more welcome in the DC community! Since she's a DC character, not Marvel :D
I β™‘ WW but this looked super lame. so slow motion. they fired multiple times and she blocked 2.. I was hoping they would of picked someone with a bit more muscle....
@TiffanyPerez it's cool for something fan made, but yeah I think it's just enough to tide me over until BvS comes out and I can see Gal Gadot kicking butt haha
Oh my Gushna!! This looks awesome!!! :)
I'll be so happy if and when she comes out with a movie. I was against her at first, because I thought she was too small. But after seeing this and the trailer from Batman vs Superman, I think she'll be great. I πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Wonder Woman 😍
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