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With police brutality on the rise, I have some very shocking news to share with you, especially if you live in the State of Georgia.
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A couple weeks ago, Officer Robert Olsen was indicted for murder against an unarmed Air Force Pilot--Anthony Hill--outside Atlanta, which is remarkable when you consider that Georgia is THE ONLY STATE in the Union that REQUIRES "a law enforcement officer be notified in advance that a grand jury will hear his or her case. The officer is also allowed to sit in on the entire proceeding and make a statement at the end that prosecutors can’t question," the Associated Press reported.
NBC 11Alive has been covering the March 2015 shooting since it began. Two weeks ago, NBC 11Alive was also the first to report that Officer Robert Olsen would indeed be charged with murder and five other felony counts. While that may be good news, it's still not over. The matter still needs to go to court.
This is an undated photo of Anthony Hill, who was shot and killed by Officer Robert Olsen. Hill was an Air Force Pilot, who, after returning from combat, suffered from PTSD. He was discovered naked outside of an apartment building around Atlanta at the time of his untimely death.
There is a huge imbalance in justice in Georgia.
If a civilian (like you or I) is accused of a serious crime, such as murder, they will never know of when a grand jury is called, or who sits on the grand jury. It's private and secure--the way it's supposed to be. Unless, of course, you live in Georgia. Georgia requires the police accused in such cases to be present, who are allowed to speak their mind (truth or not), give one-sided stories about what happened, and persuade the grand jury from potential indictment. There are no lawyers, no judges, nothing super official about it, except the presence of a prosecutor.
But that privilege is for Georgia cops only! Not for anyone else. No other state, but Georgia allows for this level of injustice. Basically, it's the cops versus the people.
According to the US CENSUS, Atlanta is 54% Black/African American, while 38.4% is White/Caucasion. So, in 10 years of police brutality in a predominantly Black populated city, ONLY 1 WENT TO COURT?

Justice, my ass!

I have an incrediblely strong respect for people in law enforcement. For their bravery and courage and all the trauma they go through to protect and serve. Being a police officer is hardly a safe or simple profession. But dirty cops come out like this and ruin the good name of all those men and women who truly want to do what they can to help those in need. If you're not willing to protect and serve don't become a cop.
Yup just like you said "Justice my ass"
@peahyr perfectly said!!!
such crap. the system needs a serious overhaul
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