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What to watch while you wait for Civil War.

Now that Deadpool is out, it's only a matter of time before we all start staring at our watches waiting for Captain America: Civil War. We're impatient. But if you've seen Winter Soldier a million times and can no longer convince your friends to watch it again, there are a few movies out there that might help to hold you over.

Spy Game

You'll recognize Robert Redford from Winter Soldier (he was Alexander Pierce) and while he's playing a very different role here, he's definitely got the same talent that he lent to his subtle Marvel performance. If the action movie turned spy thriller aspect of Winter Soldier appealed to you (with a side of complicated moral ethics) you'll have to check this out.

Pacific Rim

While Winter Soldier was pretty grounded in reality (with the exception of the three giant helicarriers and the technically elderly super-soldier protagonist), the epic alien vs. mecha adventure that is Pacific Rim is very similar in tone. The idealism, the hope, the determination to face impossible odds despite the fact that it would be easier to give in is an essential part of both films. Plus, who doesn't want to see some robots take down giant monsters?

Edge of Tomorrow

Yes, more aliens. This movie is a bit more cynical, but the strength of this story comes from the amazing partnership between the two main characters. We got to watch Steve and Natasha's relationship develop in Winter Soldier, and we see a similar one grow between William and Rita.

Three Days of the Condor

Yes, another Robert Redford one. I really just need people to appreciate him. Also- the Russo brothers drew a lot of inspiration from this movie, so it's a must-see for any dedicated fan. It's got the suspense and political entanglements you loved, and gives Winter Soldier a lot more context.

And if you've seen all of these already...

Do you have any movie recommendations? May is so far away, we really need something to hold us over until Civil War comes out!
@MajahnNelson I'd drink a Stacker Pentecost tbh XD @MarvelTrashcan oooh yes! I didn't see it until a month or two ago but I was surprised by how much I really liked it. I'm thinking of trying to watch the original tv series now
@shannonl5 I really like how they made it feel like a 1950/60s film rather than a film made in 2015 that takes place in the 50s/60s
A movie I'd recommend is the 3015 movie adaptation of Man From UNCLE
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