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Just more 5 days and counting.

Lover's Day is literally a blink away and while those in relationships have the perception that us single folk are down and out, that isn't necessarily the case. While some who may be single might be going through the funk of knowing that Valentine's Day won't be spent receiving flowers, cards, kissing and a three course meal -- the rest of us are basking at the idea of how we can treat ourselves to a day full of happiness and love.
Contrary to popular belief, all single people are not miserable. It's one thing to not have any love for yourself and be single, that's a recipe for a nightmare waiting to happen -- but if you genuinely love yourself first and foremost, the single life is nothing more than a walk in the park.
So, for those who may be sulking at the idea of being alone on Valentine's Day or for those who simply can't think of one reason to smile, keep in mind that there are several perks to being single and you should totally take advantage of them. Keep scrolling and check out the video below to see just what those perks might be and how you may be able to execute them this coming weekend.

What do you love most about being single?

[Disclaimer: if you're not single and I tagged you, my apologies]
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YES! well said lol and I think that diet sounds pretty amazing if you ask me haha @ButterflyBlu
What i love abt being single is that i'm free to do whatever i want n don't have to worry if someone's gonna leave me or not! Tbh not even once did i regret being single since 2 years!
I'm with @humairaa! One of my favorite things about being single is when I have free time, I don't have to tell someone that I'm free to hang. Dating is like having a best friend that needs to hang out with you (almost) EVERY SINGLE TIME you both happen to have free time, and that always felt super overwhelming to me. Damn, homie. Sometimes I just want to eat take-out and watch Netflix in my sweats.
I'm in the same boat! I've been single for 5 years and although I get lonely, I don't regret it one bit :) @humairra
Free time is the best! we always need that time allotted for ourselves. it's a MUST! haha, I love the last sentence. that's pretty much my life in a nutshell @danidee