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There are many factors that go into our decision on if someone else is confident or not. We pick up thousands of body signals that our brains then subconsciously translate into information about that person. And generally, this information is correct. At the same time that you are subconsciously analyzing someone, your body also gives off these cues. Sometimes they are habits that you have formed, and other times they are conscious actions. In this short course, Short Sweet Body Language, I will go over some of the habitats that may impact you negatively in the subconscious analytics of others. Everyone always tells you to make eye contact, and you do, kind of. While many times you can catch someone looking at you, the actual eye contact doesn't hold for longer than a couple milliseconds. You think that this is a good flirty way to go about things, but it's not. Short sparse eye contact like this only works in cutesy movies. In the real world, just the opposite is attractive. The longer you hold eye contact, the more "comfortable" you are with them. Or at least this is how it seems to them. Personally I hold eye contact with everyone, even people I don't want to pursue a relationship with. It's a great habit to get into. I play this game with myself to not be the first person to break eye contact.
I meant don't stare at someone for 30 minutes straight @BrendanFred lol @nicolejb unless yall both don't look away it'll be a staring contest
Hahahaha @nicolejb sounds like a great meet cute to me! XD
"We stared into each others eyes and it became a contest!"
That might actually a be a good story though @Chrisingularis lol. like "how did you meet?"
hahaha note to self: just count for 4 seconds and smile with my eyes @BrendanFred I like what you said too, be the last one to look away, it's more daring that way @Chrisingularis!
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