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~~~ WARNING!! SOME CHAPTERS WILL BE SMUT OR HEAVY LANGUAGE (nothing violent but just a lot of curse words)~~~ ~~~ This is dedicated to @Luna1171 because she's a hardcore Marksonian and I think she deserves this very much!!! ❀❀~~~ THIS CONTAINS SMUT!!!
Mark couldn't sleep that night. He kept thinking about what just happened a few hours before. He was relieved that their hiding was over, but he was worried. He received many nice comments about the relationship, fans wishing them the best of luck and future together, but, other comments were very hateful and disrespectful too...... as expected. He wasn't surprised that there were more hateful comments because they knew that once they come out as a couple of 2 years, things like this would happen. He was mostly surprised that some fans reacted really well and actually suspected it long before they were even actually dating. He read the article that was posted about the gala, actually, there were more than one article; Allkpop, Koreaboo and many more. On the articles, it was mostly about the best dressed ranking from number 1-3: BTS was number 1, EXO number 2 and Got7 number 3 because of the black and white combination. And then came the part about the confession. He started to get nervous because he knew how exaggerated Koreaboo can get with their articles. He read what they said: "Other than the beautiful outfits shared tonight at the 2016 gala, Got7's Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan, have admitted to have been in a long-term relationship for over 2 years!. They also said that what caused them to leave the media and , especially, the fans oblivious about the relationship, was that they believed they were going to receive a bombardment of questions and angry/disgusted fan comments and reactions. They both explained openly how they never wanted their fans to think wrong of them despite the sudden announcement and to also not be bashed for a secret that almost half of all their fans already suspected and knew. You can watch how the audience, as well as other idols, reacted to their confession of the both of them being in their 2 year relationship on the recorded interview below. Great wishes for the couple and hopes that the both of them are happy." He was surprised that non of the hateful and also nice comments were posted like usual. ~~~ Jackson went into the living room to see what was there to watch in the middle of the night. He too had read the article about the gala and both of them. He was pleased that many fans reacted well and he was also a little upset that some nitizens reacted badly and rude at the same time. Mark came into the room an hour after, finding a sleeping Jackson sitting on the couch and the TV still playing Weekly Idol. He moved in front of him and sat on the younger's legs. He started moving his hands through Jackson's chest and bit his lips, looking back at the younger's sleeping face. Jackson knew what Mark was doing and he wanted it too, he just needed to tease him a while longer. After minutes of Mark teasing him, Jackson attacked him with force, sick of being teased. Mark held on to Jackson's face, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him deeper and more desperate. They waited since the gala for this, they thought of doing it in the hall's bathroom but knew other idols would enter and hear them having fun. Jackson took the elder's shirt off and kissed him from neck to chest until finally reaching Mark's jeans and unzipping them. He held on to the elder's chest while his other hand rubbed his [Mark's] hard erection. Mark moaned the younger's name constantly asking for more, but Jackson, being his teasing self, lat go of him, leaving Mark at the peak of excitement and deadly frustration. He liked Mark this way; angry, excited and in need for more, for some reason it always turned him on even more. They moved into the abandoned bedroom, where their last mating session was held. This time, Mark was on top and he felt proud of turning on Jackson so much to finally be on top. He rode the younger's swollen and twitching member like an expert, for he was the only one that knew how to please Jackson in an extraordinary and pleasurable way. Mark quickened his phase and Jackson helped the both of them come at the same time by rubbing Mark's member and moving his hips in circles, making the elder yell out his name in a sexy but yet unspeakable tone. After their sexual marathon of rounds, they laid next to each other and laughed at how crazy both of them are and speaking about how they're going to survive, their new life as a no-longer-secretive relationship.
omg I can't.. I just can't.. lol its too much but oh gosh I have to keep reading lol
OMG I about to cry at this cause it's so good... plus I'm in school reading this and I bout to cry. Lol but they are tears of happiness Lol love this series very much... πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„
This so amazing!
Yaassss!!!!!! So beautiful!!
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