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At The Grocery Store

Although subtle, this is the scariest you'll see her. She'll pinch your ears very hard and whisper with a smile "ooooooO! watch when we get home!" For the entire duration of the shopping trip, you're thinking about the chancleta you gotta pick out.

At A Family Gathering

She's a little more comfortable and outspoken in this setting, but she probably won't beat your ass in front of abuela (because sometimes abuela will protect you from mami's wrath). "I TOLD YOU TO RELAX! RELAX!!!" And she might even hit you on the shoulder a few times.

At Home

This when she's equipped with her chancla, the belt, and god knows what else. You better run.

Run fast.

So true. The boy holding the cross. 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I wish I knew what he did.
My girls were and still are button pushers, not my son. I wasn't sure letting them take Karate was a good thing. My son's reflexes are fast LOL
@EasternShell haha!!!! I remember actually RUNNING away from my mom one time. I was a good kid, but my sister and I always fought, and that pissed my mother off.
so true
My son was 7. Never gets in trouble. We're visiting my aunt and he decided to roll all the tissue off the tissue roll in the bathroom. This is an aunt I rarely see. I asked him why he did it and he hunched his shoulders. No clue. He was scared and inside I'm laughing, like nothing else to play with...sheesh.