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(Aside from that super-slow shield).

We've been talking a lot about our favorite characters this month, but now it's time to get real. We know Civil War is coming, and it's gonna be bad news for everyone. A lot of us think Captain America is the one that's going to die in this movie.

I can't. I cannot even deal.

So let's talk weaknesses.

Comics aside, what do we think could be Cap's downfall?
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His morals, his heart, other emotional mental stuff
@shannonl5 That is.... That is...... Ahmmm that is..... SHARON CARTER LAP DANCING FOR HIM. 馃榾
I agree with others above but I say it as, his moral compass directs him on his path and he does not let his mind, common sense, or most importantly, his logic lead him.
@LadyLuna T_T true tho