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(Aside from that super-slow shield).

We've been talking a lot about our favorite characters this month, but now it's time to get real. We know Civil War is coming, and it's gonna be bad news for everyone. A lot of us think Captain America is the one that's going to die in this movie.

I can't. I cannot even deal.

So let's talk weaknesses.

Comics aside, what do we think could be Cap's downfall?
A really sexy woman showing interest in him, making him fall for her, then finding out she's hydra and he has to kill her. hmm, good fic idea...
His morals, his heart, other emotional mental stuff
@CreeTheOtaku A kind heart may seem fragile and but it is this softness that allows it to bend and bounce back instead of shattering and falling apart. XP
They fact that he is still basically human
His over patriotism which has cause him to give up being a super hero for a time before becoming Nomad, the man without a county. Though that didn't last long XP just an example xD
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