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She's everyone's favorite member of the X-Men!

Or at least she's *one* of our favorites. After all, what's not to love?

There is nothing about this that isn't awesome.

It's time to get excited about X-Men Apocalypse!

And what better way to start than by sharing what we love about Storm? Tell us what your favorite things about Storm are!
For me, my love for her started simply because she was black. I'm African American/black and when superheroes were introduced in my world, they were white/Caucasian superheroes. She made it easier to believe that someone of my skin color could be a superhero. Then, she really had me with her loyalty, trust, and wisdom. To be honest with every intent of making the person think for themselves. She's the strength where it most matter: the mind. Determination and conviction; she is the only person I consider as my role model. I will only look up to her. She is part of the reason why I care for others while doing me. She's a big deal to me both personally and culturally.
Halle Berry馃槇
her powers, wisdom, and her fashion sense
I love how she's able to give spritual guidance to her fellow x-men in there time of need
@BelleofRay I think that's something that people really underestimate. If all of your heroes look like you, you don't always realize how important that is. But truly that's why characters like Storm matter. I'm glad she was able to pave the way for more :D
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