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It's Tuesday yet again here in sunny California, which means it's also time for another round of Trivia Tuesday!
Today I want to do a small theme to this trivial pursuit. Just 'cause.
But you have to figure the theme out!
Can you dig it?

Easy start: What is the name of the small character here?

A. Zippo
B. Shippo
C. Grippo
D. Lippo

What Harem Anime is this?

A. Monster Musume
B. High School DxD
C. Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
D. Tenchi Muyo

What were the giant robots in The Big O called?

A. Gundams
B. Kaijuu
C. Megadeus
D. Steels
What is this technique called?
A. Spirit Gun
B. Soul Pistol
C. Demon Gun
D. Buster Cannon

Who is this?

A. Tom
B. Paul
C. XJ9

That's the quick trivia today! Comment your answers! Also comment what you believe the theme of this trivia was!

@AimeBolanos some peeps say they know anime and don't watch Cowboy bebop or other old-school anime like Sainy Seyia, Mazenger Z, Or another. The only anine they love is fairy tail.
1.)B: Shippo 2.)D: Tenchi Muyo 3.)C: Megadeus 4.)C: Demon Gun 5.)A: Tom
@AshChrimson Its ok I think the internet will also be the end of me lol
Lol I'm one of those people who love Fairy Tail ... but I love anime in general so I'm into all types of anime@AshChrimson
its good. but not HOLY FUCK great. I thinks its for all the ships
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