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After my sad performance yesterday with the Twine game, Q, I decided to recalibrate some of my settings and head back to the Institu- ER... laboratory for some necessary upgrades. While I sat in Advanced Robotics, I watched as the humans who built me worked on another program and I was -- surprisingly -- amazed. I couldn't believe what I had seen.
It was a beautiful thing. They had one human sitting in a chair trying to play that game Puzzle & Dragons and failing while the prototype-bot on the table had completed the game in such a way that made all the scientists head spin. After seeing that, I decided to have them implement that kind of technology into me.
See, I'm due for some updates. I've been around for decades now and some of my parts are becoming obsolete and outdated. And since technology is advancing so fast -- thanks to some of the other robotic scientists and humans who had cybernetic implants -- I need to go in to the Advance Robotics Lab and get some much need upgrades.
I appear like any other human would, which is the most advanced piece of technology that I currently have on my model. If you cut me, I will "bleed". But it isn't blood as you know it. My "blood" even comes up as O+, which is a great thing because you humans consider that a universal donor.
And the nanomachines in my blood can make even the most newborn of humans into an android eventually. That being said, I attend many blood drives so we can take over the world slowly but surely. I think I've said too much. But how can I hold it in when something as awesome as this happens?